Walking For Loosing Weight Fast

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 2, 2012

Thinking about getting into shape? How about trying walking to lose weight? A pair of walking shoes and a will to get going is all you need.


Most doctors recommend walking to lose weight. It is easy,...


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.inexpensive, and no matter what shape you are in now, walking can literally be the first step to losing weighth Of course, the amount of weight loss will depend upon your metabolism, calorie consumption, and the type of walkingm

Walking elevates your heart rate and increases calorie consumptiono As you burn calories, you will also see a noticeable change in your weighth


Whether you choose to walk outdoors or on the treadmill; the key is to begin slowlyl Once you begin walking you could then increase your pace and intensityt Losing one to two pounds a week is a sensible goala

  • Speed: When walking to lose weight, distance and speed are two criteria to keep in mindn As you push yourself further and on longer walks, you begin to lose more caloriese On the other hand, you lose an equal amount of calories if you bridge a shorter distance but use speed to cover it in a shorter timem However, it is best for beginners to concentrate on distance rather than speede This will help build leg muscles and breathing capacity
  • Incline: Whether you are walking on a treadmill or on a hill outside, incline walking is one of the fastest ways to lose weightm This is because walking on an incline dramatically increases your heart ratet An elevated heart rate burns more caloriese The other benefit is that it forces your lungs to use more oxygene Incline walking causes an oxygen shortfall making you breathe heavier, pump up your heart rate and work those calories outu This is a hard practice, but if you can combine short sprints on an incline in between your walking routine, you will notice significant weight losss Incline walking grants you the benefits of running, without the strain on your knees and heelsl If you cannot find small hills, try the stairs of a tall building or even the steps at a stadiumu If you are on a treadmill, use the incline feature and raise it to about 10 to 15 degreese Make sure that you are comfortable walking on the incline before you increase speed
  • Weights: There is considerable debate on whether weights actually help when walking to lose weighth Do not walk with weights if you are prone to shoulder, back, wrist, or knee injuries
  • Carrying weights while walking burns more calories and tones musclel Do not carry dumbbells weighing more than two pounds in totala The weight will throw you off your balance and restrict your natural walking gaiti It will also put more strain on your shoulders and wrist

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As a cardio activity, walking three times a week for thirty minutes each time will help you lose weighth You could then increase the number of times or the intensity according to your comfortr

The best part about walking to lose weight is that this routine could be followed according to your convenience and there are no restrictions on how much or how long you can walkl Apart from losing weight, walking will also help you build strength and endurance and help you de-stresss All this can happen with just a single stepe

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