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Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

Most people, who walk for fitness, do so to burn calories, lose weight and stay in shape. People who stick to their exercise routines will even start seeing the difference in a few days or weeks. Unfortunately, staying motivated is often a struggle. Here is where a walking calorie calculator comes in, and can help you on your path.


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Burn Calories Walking

Why do you need a walking calorie calculator?

Luckily, losing those calories and keeping a track of it is no longer difficult with a walking calorie calculator. When you see the number of calories you actually burn through walking, you would be motivated to continue.

A walking calorie calculator also lets you know if you are burning enough calories or you need to change your walking routine to achieve more weight loss. A walking calorie calculator allows you to monitor the number of calories you have burned according to the pace at which you walk and the distance and time taken to complete your walk.

While most online walking calorie calculator sites allow for a basic measurement, you can also search for specific calorie calculators meant for men or women as they burn calories at varying levels.

Going online

While most online walking calorie calculators are free, there are others you can subscribe to for a price. They can provide you calorie charts for various foods, calories burnt during various activities- even household activities like lawn mowing or vacuuming and walking calorie calculators for specific needs (for example, if you are within 75 to 200 pounds or over 200 pounds). What you do want to check before you subscribe is how accurate these walking calorie calculators are and how reliable the sites that provide them are.

A basic walking calorie calculator needs you to enter your weight in pounds, walk time in minutes and your speed in mph (miles per hour). Some walking calorie calculators also allow you to add in inclines, since you lose more calories on an incline than on a flat surface.

Plan and win

It has been proven that people who plan their meals and exercise everyday are more successful in meeting their healthy eating and weight goals than those who do not have a plan. With a walking calorie calculator, you can make an informed decision on how many calories you have lost and how many more you would like to lose. You can then plan out your distance, walking pace and incline to keep walking and burn more calories.

However, please remember that while most walking calorie calculators may be fairly accurate, they are not intended as a substitute for the advice or treatment that may have been prescribed by your physician.

It is important that you set yourself a goal and not over exert yourself in order to lose calories. Also remember that your calorie intake is a large part of this process. A healthy diet along with regular exercise is what will help you lose calories.

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