Calories Burned Walking

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

It is a simple rule of exercise that when calories are burned more than the calories consumed, it results in weight loss. Statistics show that the calories burned walking may seem less than the calories burned cycling or running, but the benefits of walking regularly simply cannot be ignored.

So, do the calories burned while walking equal the calories...


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.burned by runningn And what about calories burned while cyclingn

Most people want this information, if only to choose the right activityt While running expends more than 50 percent more calories than walking, it is also a high intensity exercise not advisable for people with back or knee problemsm You can achieve a similar degree of success with your weight loss with a moderate intensity workout like walkingn

To give you an example, let us compare the calories burned while performing various activitiese However, you do want to keep in mind that various factors like your age, gender, metabolism, body mass index (BMI), level of physical activity (including speed, distance, terrain and so on), affect the amount of calories you burnr

  • Your total calories burned walking one mile level distance if you weigh 150 pounds is close to 80 calories
  • Your total calories burned running the same one mile distance if you weigh 150 pounds, is close to 115 calories
  • Your total calories burned cycling the same one mile level distance if you weigh 150 pounds is close to 200 calories

While the calories burned walking was calculated at speeds of 3 to 4 miles per hour, at 5 miles per hour and faster you will notice more calories burned walking than runningn Walking at a very fast pace pushes the body to move in ways it was not designed to movev An average human walking speed is about 3 miles per houru The brisk walking routine boosts heart rate, oxygen consumption, and accelerated calorie burnr

Now that you have a basic idea of calories burned during various activities, you can choose a routine that fits your lifestylel Make your exercise more engaging and find out calories burned with a walking calculatoro There are various free and subscription based online walking calorie calculators that help you determine your total calorie burn as well as your net calorie burnr Alternately, you can also invest in a digital calorie calculator that will help you keep track of your average calories burned and a daily updatet As you burn more calories through walking, keeping track of your weight loss will prove motivatingn

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