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(September 26, 2011)

I am feeling giddiness through out day, could not walk some distance, help me to overcome this

Can You Advise On Giddiness In Morning Yoga Treatment

Dizziness is also known as vertigo. When suffering from this condition one feels a sensation of spinning. Hence this condition is related to one’s equilibrium or sense of balance. Some people may feel this giddiness in the morning only, whereas others may suffer from these giddy bouts anytime during the day. When seeking advice on giddiness one should be aware of the severity of the condition. People who suffer from serious or severe bouts of giddiness should seek medical guidance immediately. They should avoid operating machinery or driving.

There is a simple yoga procedure that one can follow to get some relief. This is called Mala technique or garland technique. It involves the person first squatting on their haunches, joining their feet. Next proceed to elevate one’s seat away from the floor and hold. Proceed to then widen one’s knees and thighs and extend one’s armpits beyond the knees. Next lean forward and hold the back of one’s ankles. While gripping one’s ankles, proceed to exhale and allow the head to touch the toes. Hold the position for a minute and breathe normally.  Next inhale and release the position to now lie on the floor. Then exhale and let the head lie on the floor. Inhale and return to previous position.

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Sometimes One Feels Giddiness After Taking Food. What Will Be The Reason For That

The absolute cause of a giddiness spell may not always be easy to pinpoint. There are a plethora of factors that can be the cause. Sometimes the giddiness causes may actually have nothing to do with what one has consumed. Some common causes of giddiness post eating include sea food poisoning. If sea food is not prepped and cleaned appropriately then it can lead to a gastro intestinal disorder and thereby may be accompanied by dizziness. Hence it is always recommended that you wash and cook sea foods properly. Some times some fish can contain marine toxins that can be harmful to your health.

If giddiness is a result of seafood poisoning then you should seek medical help immediately. Shellfish is another type of food that may not agree with everybody and can cause a person to feel nausea and giddiness. Sushi can also prove to be harmful for some people if not prepped properly. Sometimes there are some foods like white bread, potatoes and white rice that can cause a person to suffer from what is known as postprandial hypotension. This can lead a person to feel giddy.  You should consult a dietician or their medical health advisor for a giddiness cure diet which will exclude all those foods that do not agree with the individual.

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How Can One Get Rid Of Giddiness Without Medication

Giddiness is also referred to as vertigo. This condition is not a disease but is indicative of some other underlying problem like inflammation in the inner ear, low blood pressure or arterial hardening among other conditions. Motion sickness, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, head or neck injuries can also cause a person to feel giddy spells. One of the best giddiness home remedy is to pay attention to your diet. In order to help you maintain your state of mind you need to consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid alcoholic drinks and other drinks which contain caffeine, eating foods that are high in protein and drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated. Another well known giddiness natural treatment includes drinking a glass of lemon juice that has been mixed with water and a dash of salt. This can help in replenishing lost electrolytes which may cause a person to feel dizzy. It is always best to seek medical advice and assistance to ascertain the underlying cause of the problem. Ginger has also been found effective in treating giddiness. It can be consumed plain with honey or drunk with tea. You could even add ginger to the regular meals. You should also make sure that they get adequate amounts of sleep and avoid those foods that could trigger giddiness

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I’m afraid your question is not amply clear. Have you seen your doctor and ascertained the cause of your giddiness? There can be a lot of medical reasons for it, from vitamin deficiency to Blood Pressure problems. Do ascertain the source of the problem and then ask your question again. I shall be in a better position to answer you then.

Submitted by A on August 21, 2007 at 05:33

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