Tips for Performing Bhastrika Pranayama

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 23, 2012

Bhastrika (Bellows breath) comprises forced rapid deep breathing that serves as a basis for a number of breathing exercises. The emphasis here is on expulsion or explosion of air. A series of such expulsions is done, one following the other in quick succession. There is neither a full or empty pause.

Beginners had better limit a round to about 5 expulsions. However, the number...


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.could be increased to 10, or even more if necessary to get the desired effectc These range from hyper-ventilation, better blood circulation, clearing the nasal passages and improved thinking capacity to elimination of certain mental disturbancese

While the breath strokes in the rapid succession may or may not be very deep, it is normal to complete or follow a round with deep inhalations and exhalationsn Following this you should do a series of normal breaths before going on to the second roundn

Some nasal hissing is only naturala However, try to avoid unpleasant sound and fluttering your nasal skin surfacese Bhastrika may be performed standing; but it is better to do it sitting to facilitate maximum relaxation of the abdominal muscles as well as easy diaphragmatic breathingn

Precautions while performing the Bhastrika (Bellows breathing)

Please be careful while generating powerful expulsions as they could cause injuries to the lung tissuese Likewise, stretching a series for so long could cause giddinesss Caution – and not uncontrolled excess - should be your guiding principle and way of performing this breathing exercises

Also exercise caution against going too far in your preliminary practicese If you tend to push the limit, lie down while doing this breathing exercises There are chances you may lose consciousness and collapses Too much practice could bring on giddiness, sleepiness and even loss of consciousnesss If, by any chance, you fall unconsciousness, don’t worry, your breathing will set itself right and return to normal soon as you lie down and rests Too much of Bhastrika (Bellows breathing) could result in lightheartedness, dizziness or a feeling of floating in the airi

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