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(September 12, 2010)

I am 6 months pregnant and was diagnosed with Hashimoto' throid . I am on synthroid for the last 3 months . But last 15 days iam feeling the symptom s of hypothyroid . Could you please advise some yoga pose & prana

Practicing yoga is an excellent form of alternative therapy but it should always be complimented with proper medication. You should make sure you consult your gynecologist or medical practitioner regarding the symptoms you are suffering from. In addition to the medication taken, practicing yoga for hashimoto's thyroiditis and also the breathing techniques will be efficacious in treating the condition. It is not recommended that you attempt any of the stretching or advanced forms of yoga for hashimoto's thyroiditis without the presence of an instructor. By practicing yoga for hashimoto's symptoms you can get relief to an extent but it is always necessary to seek the advice of a doctor to have an effective treatment.
The breathing technique Ujjayi Pranayama (Ocean breath) is considered the most effective yoga for hashimoto's thyroiditis. This form of yoga is very helpful in treating hashimoto's condition by stimulating and relaxing the area of the throat. If you are just beginning to practice yoga and have any heart problems, you must avoid doing this yoga for hashimoto's thyroiditis. This is because holding of the breath which is required in this exercise, may be harmful to beginners of yoga.
Another effective yoga for the hashimoto's thyroiditis condition is Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Cleansing breath). You must make sure that you practice this breathing technique with the help of a qualified instructor. To begin practicing this breathing technique you must first position yourself in a comfortable sitting position with your eyes closed. With your thumb, close your right nostril and breathe in through the left nostril. When you have taken in the breath you should close your left nostril with your third finger and remain in this position called Antrik Kumbhaka (Retention of breath) for a few seconds. Then with your left nostril closed you should remove your thumb from the right nostril and slowly exhale. When you repeat this exercise by breathing in through the left nostril and exhaling through the right you will finish one round of Nadi shodhana Pranayama.
With the help of medication and practicing the different forms of yoga for the hashimoto's thyroiditis, hypothyroidism can be prevented. However, if you start to feel the symptoms of hypothyroidism coming on which include fatigue, depression, hair loss, weakness and muscle cramps you must meet with a doctor immediately.  You must avoid doing any forms of yoga that involve twisting of the body or positions that are uncomfortable as they may not be good for your pregnant state.
To practice yoga for hashimoto's thyroiditis you should know what exercises are suitable for you. With the right knowledge and proper guidance together with proper medication, yoga can be very effective in the treatment of hashimoto's thyroiditis.

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Yoga Poses for  Hashimoto Thyroid

Yoga is an amazing alternative therapy, but it needs to be complemented along with modern medicine especially if you are already under medication.  Firstly you'll need to consult with your medical practitioner or gynecologist about the symptoms that you are currently experiencing considering the condition that you're suffering from.  In addition to the changed medication you can adopt some simple yoga exercises and breathing techniques that will greatly benefit and treat your condition.

Do not attempt to do any form of stretching or advanced form of yoga without the consultation of your doctor or a practiced instructor.

The most effective breathing technique in yoga is the Ujjayi Pranayama. This particular Pranayama is highly effective in treating thyroid disorders and works especially in relaxing and stimulating the throat area.  Although this breathing technique is also helpful in strengthening the heart muscles; if you are a beginner of yoga and you are experiencing any sort of ailments related to the heart this particular exercise must be refrained from being performed, as the possibility of holding the breath while doing it for the first time may cause harm. Another useful breathing technique that you can try practicing with the help of instructor is the Nadi shodhana Pranayama.  You can perform this particular breathing exercise by first sitting in a very comfortable position with your eyes closed.  With the help of instructor who are the issue how to slowly exhale first from the right nostril and inhale as deeply as possible with the help of a guttural sound from the left nostril.  This particular breathing technique must be done without holding the breath.  However exercise must not be practiced if you are suffering from high blood pressure or acidity.

Do not attempt any forms of twisting or bodily movement or any form of uncomfortable sitting positions as these may be a hindrance in your current term of pregnancy.  If you doctor recommends the practice of yoga it'll be advisable to get a list of asanas that you can safely perform.

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