How Does Yoga Help in Memory Development

How Yoga helps in memory development, memory development is through an astute understanding of the concept of the subject, in the first place. According to modern medical science memory development is limited to enhancing the capabilities of one’s brain.

This, is done to increase one’s capacity to remember and recognize as well as to acquire mastery over these processes.

How Yoga therapy helps in memory development


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How Yoga therapy helps in memory development

  1. Deepening perception: Yoga therapy helps the mind function optimally. As a natural course of action, certain aspects of perception are automatically lost or blunted. To reverse this process, the first step is to boost the sensitivity of these passageways. Yoga therapy helps do this through stimulations (Yoga cleansing kriyas) and Yogic relaxation (Shavasana and Pranayama).
  2. Cutting down distractions and raising one’s attention span: Yoga therapy exercises aim to eventually reaching a state transcendence of the mind. One feature of this state is to be able to modify and adjust mind functions by will power.
  3. Awakening latent areas: capabilities practices help awaken latent areas, thereby giving the individual more capabilities and power. Interestingly, even celebrated geniuses make use of only up to 10% of their total brain capabilities.

    Most normal people make use of less than 5% of total brain potential.
  4. Filtering positive memories from negative ones: Ideally, our memory development should help a person achieve the very source of one’s thoughts and our existence. In Yogic parlance this is called the Anandamaya Kosa. The way to do this is to substitute negative thoughts that generate displeasure with constructive ones.

Yoga therapy to improve memory

Anyone can improve his / her by practising Kapalabhati (40 – 50 strokes a min), Anuloma-Viloma (9 – 10 rounds),) and Brahmari (10 rounds). You can use this Yoga capsule any number of times during the day, preferable thrice a day. These Yoga therapy practices clear all unwelcome, distressing and disquieting thoughts. In turn the make the mind clear, so that whatever you see and understand will ultimately soak into deeper layers of the memory system.

Yoga For Memory Development
How Yoga helps in Memory Development
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