Yoga for Memory Gain

(July 25, 2008)

My memory is weak. How can I improve my memory?

Memory is vital to every daily life. Most alterations in memory are natural changes of ageing, or may have happened due to short-lived problems. In yoga, deep contemplation on the third eye helps builds up memory abilities. By concentrating inward, one can accomplish lucidity of opinion and resolution. The power of productive insight is also perfected with the use of deep meditation and relaxation in Yoga. It is crucial to realize that there memory troubles occur among all age groups. For example one can see that young children and teenagers are forgetful about everything told to them. Most grownups have such busy and hectic lives that they are often distracted and don't tend to remember everything. Elderly folks are likelier to have problems recalling names, labels, or things have been placed. Generally, almost every person tends to forget as the brain processes only certain memories and the need to remember everything does not arise. There are a number of yogasanas that induce the mind and the nervous system to develop memory power and enhance concentration.

The art of concentration also known as the Dharana is a type of yogic exercise or meditative task that affects the mind and helps it to relax. Dharana acts upon and cuts down the stress of the preoccupied mind. With the help of Dharana the mind is restrained from wandering and is helped to stay firm. Doing this helps to reduce the stress on the mind and the power of mental ability thus increases. By indulging in regular practice of Dharana, mental processes are effectively and efficiently resolved. The day-to-day exercise of dharana cuts down the fluctuating outlook of the mind and peace can thus be attained. During yogasana focused attention is brought upon the sixth limb of yoga. Dharana disciplines the mind to stay clear, riveted and one-directional. While performing yogasana, making use of a drishti also referred to as a gazing point helps to improve psychological and intellectual concentration. When performing the spine elongating positions, poses such as the forward and back bends energize the spinal column and induce the nervous system.

Pranayama is greatly beneficial in improving memory power. In Pranayama, the psyche of the individual is concentrated on the breathing of the individual as it courses in and out of the body. Oxygen and energy are also positively altered in the physical self and in the brain by the regulation of breath. Hence, Pranayama modifies concentration in a positive manner as well as nurtures the brain. Meditation is a maneuver beyond the art of Dharna, calling for even more psychological and intellectual diligence and concentration. The art of meditation either by itself or in alignment with yoga asana and Pranayama clears the mind of unreasonable and superfluous thoughts. Unrestrained thinking eats up mental energy and clouds the mind from interpreting and imagining distinctly. In Yoga, meditation helps to energize the brain as well as get the mind to concentrate.

Submitted by C D on July 25, 2008 at 05:23

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