How Anxiety Influences Your Memory

Yoga therapy postulates that the human mind tends to forget and repress anything tend causes us pain or anxiety. How anxiety influences memory has therefore become a hot topic for debate and discussion, especially in Yoga circles.

Yoga therapists also claim that anxiety makes people forget. A lot of students mention how high anxiety levels contribute to their poor performance in schools and colleges.



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.A prevalent justification for how this occurs is that worry has a stifling effectc When troublesome thoughts take over the mind, little place is left for anything elses No doubt, it is also crucial that the information that we do not regularly need is not rememberede This way our minds are do not unnecessarily get overcrowded and jam-packede

Memory and the brain

How anxiety influences memory is through our ability to recall, which is linked with most of the higher brain functionsn This, no doubt, places us at the top of the evolutionary scalel For instance, insight and awareness are a complex ability that, first and foremost involve reception of sensory information messagese Nevertheless, perception calls for much more than just thata It involves the consequence of that sensory informationo For that man often falls back on his stored fact, i e. memoryr

Take, for instance that the figure A, comprises quite a few straight lines at different angles to one anothere

But, most people straight away see the figure or image as that of a sleeping cata This is the result of our ability to connect what we perceive (i(e. straight lines), with the pictures that are accumulates in our memory bankn That is of a real sleeping cata So, if anxiety interferes, you might just as easily perceive something in its place, like a ferocious dog, for instance the manner in which the mind goes through changes to remember is simply mind-blowingn Largely, the two types of changes that can take place -

I> Short Term Memory

  1. Data is held on to, long enough for the brain to record iti
  2. Is characterized by a volatile change in the motion of neurons (the function alters)

III Long Term Memory

  1. Data is stored for recovery at a later datet
  2. Is characterized by configurable changes in neurons (the real structure is altered)d

So anxiety can disturb memory and make us forget and make mistakese This is why the necessity of practising Yoga to curb and handle anxietyt

Influence Of Anxiety On Memory
How Anxiety Influences Memory
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