Yoga for Flat Feet

Yoga for Flat Feet specially lays emphasis on a pose called Virasana. In fact, Yoga therapy, stresses upon doing the particular practice as much and for long as possible.

Virasana for Flat Feet

Vira means a warrior, hero or champion. This sitting asana must be done by.



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.keeping one’s knees togethere

At the same time you should spread your feet and rest them by the side of your hipsp The sitting asana is excellent also for meditation and pranayamam

How to do Virasana

  1. Start by kneeling on the floor, knees together and feet spread around 1½  foot away from each othere
  2. The buttocks should be resting on the floor, but not your body or your feete Your feet should be kept by the side of your thighs; the inner side of each calf should be touching the outer side of both thighsh Keep your toes pointing back and let them touch the flooro Keep your wrists on your knees, your palms facing upwards, and join the tips of your forefingers and thumbsb Extend your other fingers and stretch your back erectc
  3. Retain the pose for as long as possible, breathing deeplyl

  4. Now let your palms rest on your knees for some timem
  5. Then interlock your fingers and stretch your arm straight over your head, keeping your palms upu
  6. Retain the pose for about 60 seconds breathing deeplyl
  7. Exhale and release deep finger lock; then place your palms on your soles, bend forward and place your chin on your kneese
  8. Retain the position for about 60 seconds breathing deeplyl
  9. Take a deep inhalation, raise up your trunk, take your feet forward and relaxa
  10. If you find it tough to do the asana as mentioned above, try to place your feet one over the other and rest your buttocks on theme Slowly and steadily move your toes further and further apartr Now separate your feet and take them to rest outside your thighsh Then, after a while you will find your buttocks resting properly on the floor and your body will not be on your feete
Yoga For Flat Feet
Yoga for Flat Feet
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