Yoga Therapy for Diabetes

Yoga therapy for diabetes is a way to treat the condition naturally. For this, the patient has to undergo a detoxification process for 10 – 15 days after every 45 days. Next consult an experienced Yoga dietician for a diet chart.

Make it a point to walk briskly for half an hour and do yoga poses together with pranayama (breathing exercises), relaxation, and meditation. The Yoga therapy program should be followed in conjunction with the regular medical treatment.


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Pranayama Breathing Techniques

Never give up treatment without consulting your medical practitioner. Take up both therapies together for benefits to show in 3-6 months. The majority of the Yoga poses will be experienced level ones. This is because they work deepest on the pancreas. Then again, diabetics who are new to Yoga are advised to work through all the simpler Yoga poses for a few months first, before trying the advanced ones.

Cleansing techniques for managing diabetes

Yoga therapy for diabetes includes cleansing techniques that can be learnt by any yoga practitioner. These cleansing techniques detoxify the body of all morbid matter. Toxins, by the way, are the birth place of disease.

The cleansing techniques that help for managing diabetes are:

  • Kunjal kriya (stomach dousing)
  • Laghu Shankhaprakshalana (Cleansing of intestinal tract)

Yoga poses (asanas) for managing diabetes

It is imperative that the patient does not feel strained during the Yoga poses. The bending and stretching should only to the limit that the individual’s body permits. With the regular practice of Yoga poses your body will turn supple and you will soon be able to do the Yoga poses easily and effortlessly. Besides, it is imperative that one relaxes between Yoga poses by going into the corpse pose (Shavasana).

Pranayama (Breathing exercises)

Yoga breathing exercises that must be followed after the practice of Yoga poses are imperative to a diabetics improving his / her health. The breathing exercises to be done are:

  • Anuloma-Viloma – Alternate nostril breathing
  • Ujjayi – Humming or Ocean breath
  • Bhastrika – Bellows breath
  • Dirga Pranayama – Full yogic breathing

All the above practices must be accompanied by a Yoga diet for diabetics, prescribed by an expert medical practitioner cum Yoga therapy. There are hundreds such specialists in the world today.

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