Life Style Changes Needed During Yoga Therapy for Hypertension and Heart Diseases

One major Yoga therapy for Hypertension and Heart Diseases is life style change. If you lead a yogic life style in joy and satisfaction you will, no doubt be healthy and happy. But this should form the core of your life style change.

Largely, this constitutes an attitudinal change at the psychological level. If you were to look at all the risk factors for hypertension and heart diseases, you will find that it calls.



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.for a complete transformation in attituded

You have to completely avoid smoking, change your food habits, and lead a stress free lifef Or else, even this forced life style change that is normally followed after contracting hypertension and heart diseases could result in acute stress and suppressiono Hence Yoga therapy prescribes an essential change in attitude towards right livingn Here's how Yoga can be an effective tool for this life style change to avert or reverse heart diseases

Yoga, not just makes s the philosophical and rational back-up available by way of right concepts to answer why you should live a life of moderation with control over your instinctual behavioral patternsn Further, Yoga therapy gives you highly evolved time tested techniques for healthy livingn

Take, for instance, Yama and Niyamam These are the first two components of Ashtanga yoga described by the sage Patanjalil They are also part of the concepts of Karma Yoga from Bhagavat Gita, Bhakti Yoga from Narada Bhakti Sutra and Jnana Yoga from Upanishadsd All of them address the fundamental concept of your purpose and meaning of life stylel

Beginning from the do's and don'ts (Niyama and Yama) to abstracting and diverting the mind during down-times, Yoga therapy provides simple rules for good living, Yoga teaches you to ascend life's ladder to the climax of Self-knowledge or liberationo Here the individual is able to live in perfect harmony and bliss untroubled by the waves of joys or depression of lifef

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Yoga Therapy for Hypertension and Heart Diseases - Life Style Change
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