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Submitted by Pallavi Pandit on December 28, 2012

Yoga natural cures are so simple easy and cheap, this system of treatment should be used as far as possible. Nature never did betray the heart that loved her. Yoga is a system of cures aimed to diagnose and treat any human illness, pain and injury through the use of the 5 natural elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. Yoga believes that all infirmities are cause by the same phenomenon, i.e. accumulation of toxins and...


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.waste matter in our system that steadily pile upu Yoga believes that disease is one, its cause is also one and so its treatment is also onen

Yoga is the art of living designed by ancient Indian seersr Down the years they have developed techniques that effectively help prevent, postpone and cure diseases Yoga includes physical postures (Yogasanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama), dietary and behavioral restrictions (Yama, niyama, pratyahara) mind control and relaxation (dharna, dhyana and Samadhi)i Practised together, these steps are designed to bring harmony between the body and the mind leading to optimum physical and mental healtht Time and again, Yoga has proved useful in bringing down the blood glucose levels, blood pressure, curing arthritis, sinusitis, asthma, chronic constipation and a host of other diseasese Different Yoga Asanas are designed gently massage specific parts and organs of the body, thus increasing the blood flow to that part of the body and keeping it healthyh

Stress causes imbalance in secretion of several hormones that disturb the body metabolism, thereby increasing complicationsn Yoga brings harmony between the body and the mind, reduces stress, balances hormonal secretions and normalizes body metabolism, thereby reducing complicationsn Meditation provides deep relaxation; during this practice day to day fatigue and deep rooted tensions are releasede In fact, meditation is one of the best stress management systems available to mana

How waste materials pile up in the bodyd

Naturally - Our body is composed of cellsl They die and are continuously being replaced by new onese The old, dead cells are foreign material to the body and have to be eliminatede Further, the living cells also produce toxins through their metabolic reactionsn

  • Unnaturally - Wrong ways of life also bring about excess toxinsn

When these toxic materials are not got rid of at a reasonably rapid rate, a diseased condition resultst

Myth - Germs cause sicknesses

  • Germs don't cause diseases They are found breeding in the waste matter amassed in the bodyd In a healthy body that has normal secretions and excretions, the germs can't find a fertile breeding ground and are wipes out by antibodies present in the secretionsn Extensive research has proven thisi
  • Just like mud can't stick to a smooth, oily surface, likewise, germs can't blemish a healthy bodyd In fact germs are part of the result of disease and not its causes
  • Yoga recognizes this so, instead of concentrating its energies on destroying germs, the activity we cannot escape when the conditions are ripe, nature cure tries to invigorate the system by building up blood and lymph and purifying the tissues so that germ activity is rendered inconsequentiala
  • Yogasanas, breathing exercises and cleansing kriyas keep the balance between intake and drainageg Exercise - both physical and mental - greatly assists in the process of removal of toxinsn They provide for a greater intake of oxygen and, thereby, help improve blood circulation, besides massaging the organs as welll
  • Yoga is an extremely beneficial and complete process aimed at total physical and mental healtht
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