Medicinal Properties of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic art that is used for the treatment of diseases using aroma or fragrance. It involves the use of essential oils. These essential oils are natural oils, extracted from herbs, plants, blossom, trees, twigs, grass, fruits, and flowers.

They are natural products which are free from chemicals, so they are widely used for treating many ailments and diseases as they have minimum or no side effects. Aromatherapy essential oils.



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.are now synthesized chemically but naturally obtained Essential oil healing properties are far greatere These essential oils have a variety of uses including flavoring, incense, and medicinal purposese

The essential oils include the healing oils which are shown to have therapeutic powersr They are used for massage therapy and are also included as an important ingredient in many medicinese These healing oils are volatile but also highly fragrantn There are many sources from which these oils are obtained, including flower petals such as rose and jasmine, pine oil, turpentine oil, spices such as cinnamon and ginger, and citrus fruit peelsl The chemical composition of the essential healing oils shows that they are complex mixtures of compounds from every major functional-group classs

The idea of using oil for healing purposes is not a new onen Many civilizations have been using them in traditional cures for generationsn These Natural essential oils are produced through steam distillation or mechanical extraction of plant material and have immense healing valueu

Uses of healing oils

Due to the healing properties of the essential oils, they are used for many health purposese Some of these are:

  • The healing oils are used for massaging the body to relieve body pain caused because of an injuryr

  • They are used to relieve muscle fatigueu
  • They are massaged into the skin of the neck to cure sore throats and congestiono
  • They are used to massage the feet of a person suffering from Athlete's Foot as their antiseptic properties kill the bacteria causing this diseases
  • They are also used in the treatment of Arthritisi
  • Turpentine oil is used to kill head licec
  • A Massage with natural essential oils helps to relieve headaches and migrainese
  • They are used as home remedy for bites, scrapes, bruises, and burnsn
  • Essential oils are used in medicines for curing diarrheae
  • Massaging with these essential oils is used for treating Varicose Veinsn
  • A lavender oil massage can energize, balance, purify, and calm the mind and bodyd

The next time you are suffering from a common ailment, you should consider a healthier and more natural option as opposed to harsh allopathic medicationo Essential oils for healing are a natural option that can provide a wealth of benefits if used properlyl

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Oil Healing Properties
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