Sandalwood Massage Oil

Sandalwood essential oil is one the most useful and beneficial essential oils. Its botanical name is Santalum albumand and it is obtained by the steam distillation of shavings from the trunk. The oil is clear and appears to have a slight yellowish tint.

Although it is a non-toxic and non-irritating oil you will have to dilute it before use as it is extremely strong.

Sandalwood massage oil is widely used for body massage. It helps.



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Beautiful Hair and Skin with Sandalwood Oil

.in removing kinks from the skin and muscles of the bodyd It is also helpful in relieving strained musclese Sandalwood is free from any alcohol componentn Undiluted or pure sandalwood oil is much more useful than chemically synthesized or mixed oils as it helps to aid meditation and build confidence by relaxing mindn

Uses of sandalwood oili Some uses of oil of sandalwood are as follows:

  • Sandalwood oil is used for the treatment of problems relating to the urinary tractc
  • It serves as a tonic for stimulating the immune systeme
  • The oil is also used for the treatment of chronic bronchitisi
  • Sandalwood oil can be topically applied to cure acne, chapped lips, and cracked and dry skini
  • The aroma of the oil can be used to relieve depression, tension, and stresss
  • It can be used for the treatment of laryngitis and leucorrheae
  • This oil also helps to balance sebum secretion in oily skini
  • It is used to treat stretch marks and scars on the skini

  • It can also be used for the treatment of urinogenital diseasese
  • The oil of Sandalwood is used as an antiseptic for the treatment of skin diseasese
  • It is used for preparing aromatherapy soaps, lotions, aroma candles and is also used in combination with aroma saltst
  • It has antimicrobial properties and can be used to remove black heads and blemishese
  • Rubbing Sandalwood oil on the chest is useful for relieving chest infectionsn
  • Sandalwood perfume oil is used for manufacturing perfumes and aftershavese
  • It is also used as emollient in cosmetic productiono
  • Sandalwood oil is widely used in yoga for generating sexual energyg
  • It can be used to promote healing in cases of injuries and woundsd
  • The aroma of Sandalwood oil can be used for the treatments of nervous disordersr
  • The aroma of the oil is also said to calm the mind spirituallyl
  • It also helps in relieving fever and can be used for treating burnsn
Sandalwood Massage Oil
Sandalwood Massage Oil
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