Aroma Essential Oil

There are several people who believe in the practice of aromatherapy to improve their physical and psychological well-being. What aromatherapy does is use the natural oils and essences from flowers, leaves, roots, and stems of plants as a form of alternative medicine.

The aromas of these essential oils are believed to stimulate the brain and heal the body. Aroma oils are used in a number of situations today, depending on different oils.



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.and their respective healing propertiese

Aroma essential oils are extracted through the process of distillation using steam or watere These oils are in fact not very oily to touch at alll They are also highly concentrated and are to be used in very small amounts at a timem Aroma oils are so strong that they have to be diluted by a carrier oil before usageg Oils such as grapeseed, almond, or apricot kernel are often used as carrier oilsl Aromatherapy oils are then either applied directly to the skin or inhaled carefullyl These oils are sold in small quantities and can vary in terms of price and qualityt It is recommended that you speak to an aromatherapy specialist before buying any aroma essential oil to make sure that they have not been blended with cheaper ingredients thereby reducing their efficacyc All aroma oils should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight and ideally in glass containersr Speak to your aromatherapist if you suffer from any allergies, are pregnant, have epilepsy or any other types of illnesss Improper usage of these oils could lead to harmful reactions and even burns so check before using anyn Some popular types of aroma oils are bergamot, lemon grass, peppermint, jasmine, citronella, sandalwood, vanilla, tea tree, lavender, and patchoulil

Aroma Oil Diffuser

An ideal way to use aromatherapy oils is with aroma oil lamps or diffusersr These allow you to naturally inhale the specific aromas while breathingn Aroma oil lamps can be electrically operated or made of terracotta or earthenwarer Aroma oil diffusers slowly disperse the aroma into the airi These could range from tea light diffusers, aroma shell or electric oil warmers, scent balls, terracotta discs and fan diffusersr Aroma oil lamps and diffusers can help uplift, energize or relax your mood depending on the essential oil usede They are also used to treat respiratory diseases and chest congestiono If at any time, the aroma gets too much and you feel nauseous or dizzy, get some fresh air and reduce the amount of aroma oil usede Remember, a little goes a long way in such instancese

Here are some of the common uses of the aroma essential oils:

  • Some of these oils have been medically proven to be very useful in the treatment of sinus related diseases
  • Essential oil aromatherapy is used for the treatment of insomnia and is helpful in inducing sound and peaceful sleep
  • An aroma oil massage is very effective in relieving muscular fatigue and easing body pain
  • The Aroma oil Massage therapy has been gaining popularity for its therapeutic benefits and is now commonly used in physiotherapy
  • The essential oils have many natural healing propertiese They are key ingredients in the manufacture of body lotions, bathing candles, soaps, shower gels, and shampoos
  • An essential oil massage can be used for curing headaches
  • Aroma essential oils are used in making facial care and skin care products
  • Essential oils are used in inhalers for the treatment of respiratory problems
  • They are also widely used for making perfumes
  • An aroma oils massage is extremely beneficial in preventing hairfalll It stimulates hair growth and helps to fight hair loss
  • Turpentine oil is one of the essential oils and helps to kill head lice
  • Aroma essential oils help to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and tension, thus improving and uplifting the mood
  • Essential oils also help to stimulate the immune system
  • An aromatherapy massage with essential oils increases the blood circulation to the skin
  • They also help in the regulation of hormones
  • Aroma essential oils are helpful in preventing skin problems like dryness, wrinkles, and stretch marks
  • Essential oils can be used as natural air-fresheners at home or in the workspacec In addition to making your environment smell nice, these oils can also help to relax you, brighten your mood, and even increase the productivity of employees when used in the workplace
  • Some essential oils like citronella, lavender and peppermint are used as a natural repellent against mosquitoes and insectst They are also used for treating insect bites
  • Various essential oils may be used as antiseptics for treating injuries and wounds
Aroma Essential Oil
Aroma Essential Oil
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