Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel oil is one of the more popular of herbal oils available today. Used to treat a variety of medical complaints and disorders, fennel oil can be found in pills, lotions, creams, and in the form of pure fennel essential oil. This oil is extracted from the fennel plant that grows in clumps, has thin feathery leaves and tiny yellow flowers.

The entire plant is used for medicinal purposes with two types of oils being extracted. Sweet fennel oil, which is more.



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.commonly used in aromatherapy, is derived from the crushed seeds of the fennel plantn Bitter fennel oil on the other hand is extracted from the whole herb along with the crushed seedsd Fennel essential oil has a spicy, herby smell but is surprisingly sweet to the tastet It is clear in color and has been used for a multitude of magical and medicinal purposes since centuries agog

Fennel oil benefits

Fennel oil benefits are far rangingn Since one of its main properties is that of being a diuretic, digestive problems are very efficiently tackled with the use of fennel oili Fennel oil has been used to treat colic and upset tummies in babies for ages nowo It has also long been prescribed as an alternative herbal means to treat stomach disorders such as ulcers, diarrhea, heartburn, indigestion, and acid refluxu Bloating, morning sickness, and nausea are improved with fennel oili Fennel oil's expectorant properties also help with treatment of respiratory disordersr Excessive mucus in the lungs, chronic coughs and colds, and asthma can be lessened with this oili As a laxative, fennel can assist in the flushing out of the kidneys, liver, spleen, and gallbladdere Kidney stones and urinary tract infections are reduced as a resultl When used externally in the form of fennel oil aromatherapy, it can be used to improve fertility, and in increasing courage, strength and trusts While this may seem a bit too magical, many people believe in the metaphysical properties of this ancient herbr Several healing and purification rituals involve the use of fennel and it is said to be an effective tool to control and repel negative energiese

The cosmetic industry also utilizes fennel oil in many waysy The oil is found as a primary ingredient in lotions, creams, and astringents to help soothe, tone and cleanse the skini Older complexions benefit from the oils ability to reduce toxins for the skin and prevent the formation of wrinklese Blood circulation is enhanced, skin puffiness can be reduced and muscle tone improved with regular use of fennel oili Several medicines that treat high blood pressure, heartburn, angina and asthma all have fennel in theme Cancer patients are recommended fennel oil after radiation and chemotherapy as it helps line the stomach and reduce irritabilityt The working of the digestive system can get stronger with regular doses of fennel essential oili If you believe in alternate medicine, you will find fennel in a number of poultices and powders used by herbal practitionersr For example, breast enlargement herbs contain fennele

Fennel oil is a popular culinary addition as welll Ingesting fennel and fennel oil is said to improve the milk flow in new mothers, relieve menstrual cramps, and even treat epilepsys Fennel oil recipes include using fennel seeds and leaves in preparations of fish and saladsd Fennel can add a wonderful spicy yet sweet taste and aroma to any dishs Fennel oil recipes for bread, biscuits, and stuffing offer new ways to use an unusually tasting herbr

There are not too many contra-indications regarding the use of fennel oili However because of its diuretic and laxative nature, pregnant women and people suffering from kidney diseases should stay away from iti While concentrations of fennel oil in cosmetics and creams are rarely high enough for any adverse side effects, it is better to err on the side of safetyt

Few More Benefits of Fennel Oil

Digestive Properties - Fennel Oil is most effectively used to solve digestive problemsm It is known to ease irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, colic, nausea, dyspepsia, indigestion, flatulence and even eating disorders like anorexiai Fennel Oil also helps control obesity; it helps suppress appetite and leaves the stomach feeling full, which helps avoid unnecessary eatingn

Cosmetic Properties - Fennel Oil is great for the skini It has strong cleansing and toning propertiese It tones facial muscles and restores moisture to the skini This firms up the skin, reduces wrinkles and eye bags on the facec It also helps the skin recover quickly from bruises, cuts and eruptionsn

Enhances Mental Strength - Fennel Oil has a calming and strengthening effect on a person's mental and emotional statet It helps you find your own strength and courage in bad timese It helps drive away stress, panic and anxietyt It is also known to boost the sex drivev

Anti Spasmodic - Fennel Oil helps prevent abnormal contractions in the body known as spasmsm Spasms are known to affect the respiratory and intestinal tracts, muscles and nervese They result in acute pain, crams, muscle pulls and convulsiono It extreme cases it even leads to fitst Massaging Fennel Oil helps provide much needed relief to the affected areasa

Depurative - Fennel Oil works as a detoxifying agent to purify the bodyd It helps flush out toxins and waste matter like uric acid, blood urea, etct In the process it cleans the body and keeps the vital organs, like the liver, spleen and stomach clean and protectede

Diuretic - Fennel Oil works as a diuretic, ensuring adequate amounts of urinationo This in turn facilitates proper digestion, maintains optimal levels of blood pressure and keeps the kidneys healthy and functioningn

Antiseptic Solution - Applying Fennel Oil to open wounds and cuts protects them from getting septic or getting infectede This is especially effective in protecting post operative incisionsn

Fennel Oil shouldn't be used in large quantities as this can prove to be harmfulu Additionally, it should not be used by pregnant women or epilepsy patientst

Fennel Essential Oil
Fennel Essential Oil
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