Uses of Clary Sage Essential Oil in Aromatherapy and Pregnancy

Clary sage is an herb found mainly in Southern Europe. Also known as Salvia Sclarea in botanical terms, the leaves and buds of this herb are used to extract clary sage oil. Clary sage essential oil is produced through the steam distillation method like most other pure essential oils.

It has quite a fruity, sweet aroma but can also be somewhat nutty. The oil has a pale yellow color and its medicinal applications have made it a popular herb since ancient times.


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Even centuries ago, clary sage oil was used as a medicine to improve sight. It was believed to improve vision, clean the eyes and brighten them as well. As time went by, other medicinal and therapeutic properties of clary sage essential oil were soon discovered.

Clary Sage Essential Oil Uses

Clary sage oil uses are now numerous and cover a wide range of ailments. Clary sage can boost confidence and self-esteem and is used in aromatherapy to fight depression and anxiety. Since it soothes the nerves and acts as a sedative, this oil is used to treat convulsions and epilepsy. Nervous disorders are also kept in check with regular usage of clary sage essential oil. Being anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and astringent in quality, clary sage oil is an effective fighter of infections. Reports show that using clary sage oil often can help ward of and cure infections of the urinary tract, intestines and digestive system. Wounds applied with this oil rarely get septic or infected and gums treated with it become stronger as well. Using clary sage oil for hair has proved beneficial too. It strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss. The aphrodisiac qualities of clary sage essential oil are also well documented. It can boost the libido, treat frigidity and impotence and is equally beneficial to both men and women in the treatment of sexual problems. A powerful way to use clary sage oil is in the treatment against addictions. People addicted to drugs especially find relief with this oil as it increases optimism and stabilizes emotions. Menopausal women also find clary sage oil helpful in dealing with mood swings and excessive sweating.

Since clary sage is inherently a sedative and relaxant, it is advised not to use it in combination with alcohol or drugs. Too much of this oil could also lead to headaches. Clary sage can be used on its own or blended with citrus oils like lemon, lime, and orange or other oils such as sandalwood, frankincense, jasmine and lavender. Whether blended or used in its pure form, it is always advisable to consult a trained doctor or therapist before using clary sage or in fact any essential oil.

Clary Sage Essential Oil In Pregnancy

Another interesting use of clary sage is when it is used to induce labor. Clary sage can help with birthing pains and contractions but it has to be used with great caution and under supervision at all time. Clary sage oil in pregnancy is to be avoided during the first and last months. Since it can trigger off strong uterine contractions, this oil can increase chances of a miscarriage or irregular bleeding. However, once labor has begun, clary sage oil can actually help the process along. Even by dousing a few cotton balls with clary sage oil and keeping them around her person, women in labor have reported that the smell of clary sage itself can intensify contractions and speed up the process. Breathing in clary sage oil can often lead to an easier birth. If your doctor wants to induce labor, clary sage oil aromas can do the needful. Rubbing the belly with clary sage oil also helps in relaxation. When mixed with lavender it becomes even more potent as a relaxant. However, unless you have used clary sage oil before and are sure that you are not allergic to it, it is better not to rub it on your body during labor. Whatever you do, remember to do so only under your doctor's supervision and by following his strict guidelines. The power of essential oils can never be underestimated and during childbirth is never a good place or time to start doing so.

Clary Sage Essential Oil
Clary Sage Essential Oil
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