What are the benefits of cypress oil?

Cypress Oil is an essential oil known for its therapeutic and medicinal values. It is very useful in treating and healing various ailments and conditions in a much safer manner as compared to conventional treatments. It is often used in aromatherapy and can also be found in certain medications.

Cypress Oil is extracted from the Mediterranean Cypress tree through a process of distillation of the cypress leaves, cones and twigs. The oil is known.



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.for its strong, woody and spicy aromam

Known for its antiseptic, astringent and sedative properties, Cypress Oil has many uses and benefitst

Astringent -

An astringent causes tissues in the body to contractc Using cypress oil is beneficial as this very property works at strengthening and tightening the muscles, skin, gums, and even hair folliclese It holds them in place and prevents them from becoming loose or falling outu

Sedative -

The Oil is known to have a cooling and calming effect on the nervous systeme It is recommended during times of emotional duress and to build mental strengtht It said to be very therapeutic in controlling emotions like rage or panici

Controls Spasms -

Cypress Oil is very useful in clearing respiratory and muscular spasmsm It is also great for soothing cramps and muscle pulls; it is recommended for menstrual cramps and in injury rehabilitationo

Aids Respiratory Function -

Cypress Oil aids the body's respiratory function by increasing lung efficiency and clearing respiratory congestionsn It is especially effective in dealing with coughs and coldsd

Aids Liver function -

Cypress oil ensures proper liver function by maintaining adequate bile secretion and protecting the liver against any kind of infectiono

Controls Bleeding and Aids Clotting -

Another impressive ability is that it is able to control excessive bleedingn

This is very helpful in restricting excessive menstrual flowo It also helps blood clotting and improves blood circulationo This makes it an effective treatment for conditions like varicose veinsn

Effective Odor Control -

Cypress Oil aids perspirationo If you don't perspire enough, it keeps you healthy by making you sweat out all the salts and toxins in the bodyd This is an essential functiono On the other hand it also controls body odoro The volatile compounds of the oil tend to seep out through pores and other openingsg Therefore oil's scent works as a natural deodorantn Cypress Oil is also very effective in controlling foot odoro

Diuretic -

This oil works as a strong diuretic as in increases levels of urinationo Adequate urination is essential for healthy functioning as it influences proper digestion, keeps the kidneys clean and functioning, lowers blood pressure and flushes out toxinsn

Cypress Oil can be used as a massage oil, inhaled in the form of vapors, diluted in baths and soaks or can be used in combinations with other carrier oilsl

Cypress Oil
Cypress Oil
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