Tea Tree Oil Uses

Tea tree oil is usually confused with tea oil (which is extracted from the tea plant). Tea tree oil on the other hand is extracted by distilling the twigs and leaves of the tea tree, also known as melaleuca alternifolia.

This tree is a native of Australia where it has been used for centuries as a universal cure.

Tea tree oil is known to cure a variety of conditions and ailments. It is especially effective in curing most forms of tropical illnesses.


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Tea tree oil uses include:

Fights Infection -

Tea tree oil has strong antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. This means it fights and inhibits bacteria, fungal, microbial and viral growth in the body. It is effective in fighting malarial fevers, yeast infections, worms and other illnesses.

Antiseptic -

Tea tree oil is an effective antiseptic. It protects open cuts and wounds from getting infected and septic. It keeps the bacteria and germs and bay and keeps the wound clean. It is also an effective treatment for boils and sores, insect bites and rashes. Use an antiseptic tea tree oil soap to keep your skin problem-free.

Promotes Healing -

Tea tree oil has antiseptic and antibiotic properties. This helps speed the healing process. Tea tree oil makes for an excellent cure for open wounds and infections like athlete's foot, warts, TB, bronchitis, etc. It also heals a number of respiratory conditions like coughs, colds, congestion, asthma and bronchitis.

Tea tree oil also promotes general wellbeing.

It improves absorption of nutrients in the body, facilitating growth; improves blood circulation; provides pain relief in case of muscular and joint pain and it stimulates the endocrine systems in the body. Tea tree oil stimulates the body's immune system. It is especially effective during and after an illness when the immune system is weakened as it helps to strengthen the system.

Skin Care -

Tea tree oil helps treat various skin conditions like eczema, cold sores, blisters, burns and rashes.

Tea Tree oil for acne -

Tea tree oil acne cures are also very effective as tea tree has cicatrisant properties; this helps scars and blemishes to fade. Tea tree oil products for acne especially face washes containing tea tree oil help to prevent excessive build up of oil and prevent open pores from getting infected.

Insecticide and Purifier -

Tea tree oil is an effective insecticide. It keeps insects, fleas and lice away. Tea tree oil is a good treatment for insect bites and tea tree oil shampoos help get rid of lice. It also helps to kill intestinal worms. When sprayed in the air, it can help keep the room clean and germ free.

Tea Tree Oil Uses
Tea Tree Oil Uses
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