Uses of Body Oils during Massage

Massage oils are the oils that are used to massage the body. The essential oils extracted from natural herbs and plants are considered to be natural massage oils. They are very effective and useful for relaxing the mind, body and soul.

Some essential oils are very thick and greasy and so they are not used for massage purposes.

Herbal massage oils are mostly advised by doctors as they are natural products.



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.obtained from plants and botanical herbsb However, a massage body oil should be selected carefully according to the skin type of the user as some essential oils are not suitable to some skin types and can cause allergiese Some people are allergic to specific plants and their extractst When choosing a massage oil organic essential oils are the best choice as synthetic massage oils cannot provide the desired health resultst

Uses of different massage body oils

There are many massage oil products that are available in the markete Different combinations of massage oil recipes can be used to obtain a wide range of health benefitst Some of the uses of massage oils are:

  • Essential oils are used for the manufacture of massage oils, lotions and massage oil creamsm
  • A hot oil massage is effective for relieving muscle fatigueu If the oil for massage is preheated before massage, it becomes very useful for relieving pain caused due to internal or external injuries of the bones and musclese
  • The use of a warming massage oil is a common practice amongst sportspersons before engaging in any sportr
  • Olive oil and hazel nut oil massage is effective at keeping the skin moisturized and healthyh
  • Mothers use the massage oil baby method to pamper their child and express their lovev This baby massage also helps to increase blood circulation and helps to regulate the baby’s body temperaturer

  • Jojoba oil massage is used by people having acne on their back as the oil has antibacterial propertiese
  • Coconut massage oil helps to cure dandruff and a good head massage relaxes the mind from stress caused due to tirednesss
  • Apricot kernel oil is less greasy and rich in vitamin E It is also easily absorbed byb the skin and scalpl
  • Massage therapy oil is used by physio-therapists for treating patients with body deformities, muscular pains and associated musculoskeletal problemsm
  • Massage oil candles and scented massage oils are an excellent addition to a relaxing massage oil bath or aromatherapy batht
  • Almond oil is expensive but is easily absorbed by the skini It is massaged onto the skin to make it soft and healthyh It is also considered to be a suitable oil for a baby massageg However, it should not be used by people having nut allergiese
  • Flavored massage oils are also available and are a great way to heat up an intimate massage sessiono
  • Thai massage oil is used for the Thai massage and helps to calm and relax the whole bodyd
Benefits Of Massage Body Oils
Massage Body Oils Health Benefits
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