How Different Are Mint Oil And Peppermint Oil?

Mint oil and peppermint oil are different as both are extracted from two distinct plants. However, they both come from the same Lamiaceae family. Peppermint is called Mentha Pepperita and mint, otherwise known as spearmint, is called Mentha Spicata.

Mint and peppermint oil both contain menthol. This accounts for the similar flavors and benefits. Mint oil has a milder flavour as compared to peppermint oil.


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Peppermint has a higher menthol content and is often used for medicinal purposes. Mint and peppermint oil do have similar uses, such as enhancing the mood and uplifting the spirits. They help in sharpening mental clarity and alertness, boost metabolism, clears nasal passages, and act as effective insect repellents.

Peppermint oil and mint oil enhance digestion and improve appetite, clear nausea, ease cramps, and cure diarrhea. Both are considered effective in relieving pain and treating common cold. You can do this by mixing one drop of either oil in a cup of warm water and honey.

This blend can be taken orally to heal digestive problems and alleviate cold and cough. It can also be used in steam inhalation for a stuffy nose.

Mint and peppermint oil should be used in moderation as they can irritate skin and the mucous membranes. They may even cause heartburn in some individuals. Avoid using them if you are allergic to mint or peppermint oil.

How Different Are Mint Oil And Peppermint Oil?
How Different Are Mint Oil And Peppermint Oil?
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