How to use essential oil in gardens?

(January 17, 2013)

Essential oils can be used effectively in gardens for enhancing plant growth and also for protecting other plants.

Why are essential oils useful for?

Plants, from which essential oils can be extracted, contain chemical components such as terpenes that can cause predators that consume these plants to get sick or die. Thus, planting essential oil plants and herbs is a good way of keeping pests and predators at bay.

How to use essential oils?

Additionally, essential oils can also be used in gardens; here's how:

  • Orange essential oil can be mixed with molasses, water and liquid soap.
  • To improve plant growth and triggering a dormant plant, one can mix baking soda, liquid soap, orange oil, lavender oil, and water and spray the plants.
  • For inhibiting mildew and fungus, you can mix vodka, tea tree, oregano, red thyme, and ajowan oils, water, and mister; blend them well and use.
  • An all-purpose insecticide is the mix the garlic and onion essential oils with water, vodka, liquid soap.

As the essential oils used are strong and will dissolve the plastic, it is always best to store these oils and mixtures in glass bottles. Always wear gloves and appropriate protective gear when using these mixtures.

Submitted by A V on January 17, 2013 at 03:28

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