What are the Benefits of Geranium Oil In Aromatherapy?

Geranium Oil is an essential oil used in aromatherapy sessions. Geranium Oil is extracted by the process of steam distillation.

It has a lovely floral scent which contributes to it being such an uplifting aromatherapy treatment. Geranium Oil is known for its emotional and physical therapeutic properties. Some of these include:


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Heals Scars -

Geranium Oil is a cicatrisant. This helps clear spots and blemishes on the skin. It fades and lightens pox marks, scars, stretch marks and acne marks. The oil improves blood circulation under the skin, making it healthier and vibrant. It is also responsible for uniform distribution of melanin, which plays a part in wiping out the scars.

Stimulant -

Geranium Oil stimulates organ functions in the body by toning the system and boosting organ functions to optimal levels. It has a positive effect on the respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, endocrine functions and the nervous system.

Antiseptic -

Geranium Oil is a great antiseptic. It protects open wounds and cuts from infection. It also enables speedy healing. Furthermore it is very effective in protecting post operative incisions from catching an infection.

Natural Deodorant -

Geranium Oil has a soothing floral aroma. When applied it can double as a natural deodorant; it has mild bacterial properties that fight off body odor and leave you smelling fresh for a long time.

Emotional Strength -

The Oil is known to have an uplifting effect on your mood. Geranium Oil calms the nervous system and induces a deep sense of relaxation.

It cuts through the clutter created by stress and tension and promotes clarity.

Improves Blood Clotting and Bleeding -

Geranium Oil is useful in clotting blood. It contracts the blood vessels and speeds up clotting. It also controls excessive bleeding. This makes it extremely beneficial in the case of a strong menstrual flow.

Astringent -

Geranium Oil is an effective astringent. An astringent ensures that the tissues contract and tighten. This ensures that they hold dependent body parts or structures like the teeth or gums stay firmly in place.

Diuretic -

Geranium Oil works as a diuretic. It controls the level of urination. An adequate amount of urination is essential for the body as it influences a lot of healthy body functions. Proper urination ensures effective digestive functions; it helps solve water retention; and boosts kidneys functions. When we pass urine, we pass out toxins and excess salts. This helps stabilize and control levels of blood pressure.

Oil can be used as massage oil, inhaled in the form of vapors, diluted in baths and soaks or can be used in combinations with other carrier oils.

Geranium Essential  Oil
Geranium Oil
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