Coriander Oil - Description, Uses and Benefits

The botanical name for coriander seeds from which the essential oil is extracted is Coriandum Sativum L. These coriander seeds come from the coriander herb, a yearly plant which belongs to the parsley family.

The height of the herb is normally about 100 cm, and it has small, delicate flowers that range from white to pink in colour and intense green parsley like leaves.


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The herb bears a certain fruit. The fruit is brown in color, when ripe. The fruit, shoot, and the roots of the herb are also used as edibles.

Known for its aromatic and somewhat pungent smell, the herb is commonly used as a culinary essential and is considered vital for seasoning and garnishing. The fruit of the herb, whether in its original state or ground form, is used for flavouring, especially in curry powders. This herb is originally found in western Asia, eastern Mediterranean, and Europe. It has been cultivated all over the world for more than 3,000 years and is used as an effective fragrant manure. The herb is also called cilantro, Chinese parsley, or culantro. America imports these essential herbs from Mexico and Romania everyday. It is extensively used as an important ingredient of beers in Belgium.

Coriander seeds in conventional Chinese medicine are used as a stimulant of the heart and the stomach.

It was believed by primeval people that this astounding herb helps in ensuring peace of mind. According to now archaic beliefs, this leafy green herb is pivotal in instilling a sense of resolution and harmony with oneself, depicting the connection of the mother earth and the aromatic plant.

Corriander oil is largely wrought in Yugoslavia and different parts of Russia. Coriander oil is condensed with the help of steam from the coriander plant. The oil is vigorous, tepid, and arid and it has many beneficial digestive properties, similar to other essential oils. Since coriander is used as a spice it is believed that it carriers a spicy odour which is an amalgamation of sage and peel of citrus.

Coriander seed oil strengthens the stomach and pancreas and helps eliminate infections of the respiratory system and enhances one’s wisdom. It is also beneficial for the treatment of gout, dermatitis, skin acne, and measles. Coriander consists of ample amount of estrogen, which is effective for women in overcoming menstrual pain. It is traditionally used as a remedy for anxiety, mental exhaustion, weariness, and lethargy.

This oil blends well with cinnamon, ginger, orange, grapefruit, black pepper, and other spice oils.

Coriander Oil
Coriander Oil
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