Ginger Essential Oil

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 5, 2012

The essential oil ginger is extracted from Zingiberaceae officinale, a plant of the Zingiberaceae family. It is also known as the Jamaica Ginger or the Common Ginger. A warm oil, ginger oil is used to treat digestive problems, nausea and morning-sickness. It is also used to cure flu and colds as well as rheumatic pain and catarrhal lung conditions.


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Ginger fragrance oil is also used to treat bruises and to clear the skin.

Properties: Ginger oils are different in color - from pale yellow to amber to dark amber, the thickness and color varies from one batch to another. The fragrance of the oil is warm, spicy and sharp, with a hint of pepper and lemon.

History: The ginger plant originates in Java, China and India, and is also a native of the West Indies and the Africa. It was taken to Europe somewhere to be used as a spice. A perennial herb, the ginger plant grows to a height of 3-4 feet, and has narrow leaves and white or yellow flowers. Ginger finds a mention in the ancient texts of the Chinese and the Indians as well as in the literature of the Arabians, Romans and the Greeks. Asian medicine uses the dry form of ginger to cure stomach problems like diarrhea, stomach-ache and nausea. Ginger is also used in spiced tea for general health and well-being.

Extraction: The oil of ginger is extracted through steam distillation.

Uses: Ginger oil is used to cure several health problems.

  • Ginger treats carbuncles, bruises, arthritis, rheumatism and fractures
  • It is also used to relieve congestion, coughs, catarrh, flu, cold, sea sickness, hangovers and nausea
  • Ginger essential oil can even cure fever, chills, cramps, colic, diarrhea, sore throat, sinusitis and skin sores
  • This oil can even treat arthritic pain, poor circulation, muscle pain and morning sickness
  • It is believed that the warming qualities of ginger oil can help you cope with depression and can also be a good aphrodisiac

The way ginger oil is used: Ginger oil is used in various ways.

  • It is administered through vaporizers and burners to cure the loss of libido, loneliness, flu, colds, nausea, lethargy and catarrh
  • Ginger oil is blended with bath water or with massage oil to cure arthritis, digestive disorders, poor circulation, muscle aches, flu, nausea, lethargy and rheumatism
  • It is even blended with a base cream to provide relief to the symptoms of arthritis, poor blood circulation, rheumatism, and muscle aches
  • Ginger oil is used in hot compresses too
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