Natural Oils For Massage And Healthy Hair

Natural oils, which are also known as the essential oils, are extracted from different herbs, plants, and fruits. These oils are extracted from different parts of each plant. Some are extracted from the roots, some from the stem and leaves, others from the seeds, and some of these oils are extracted from the whole plant.

There are several ways of extracting these essential oils. The most popular.



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.method is steam distillation, but there are other types of extraction like seed crushing, squeezing, and cold pressingn The different methods of extraction affect the quality of the essential oila The best method to be used to ensure high quality is steam distillationo

In the ancient civilizations like China and India, essential oils constituted the base of their medical treatmentn These civilizations have left us a huge legacy of all natural oils to use for different common ailmentst Not only do we use these oils for the treatment of ailments and diseases but we also use it to change our moods, as in case of aromatherapyp

One of the popular treatments that is still widely used is the natural oils hairtreatmentn There are several essential oils used for different hair problemsm Coconut oil and olive oil are used to nourish the hair and keep it shinyn Garlic oil and coconut oil are used as a dandruff treatmentn

Apart from the treatment, natural oils are used for massage purposese

The natural oils are mixed with different essential oils to give different effectst If you need a relaxing massage then you can choose olive oil mixed with a few drops of lavender essential oila Other types of massage use different essential oils in small quantities added to the natural massage oili Sometimes we add eucalyptus to natural oil if we want to perform a massage treatment for arthritisi You can also use these natural oils daily as natural bath oils

The daily usage of natural oils also helps to put you in a relaxed moodo This is quite important in these present stress-laden days, especially before bed timem You can use a few drops of lavender oil and chamomile oil in your bath tub to enjoy a soothing and relaxing batht A lavender and chamomile bath can provide you with a good night's sleep tooo You can also choose from other types of natural bath oils which suit your moodo So go ahead and let your chosen oil soothe and calm your body and mindn

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