Lemon Oil Health Benefits

Lemons are a popular citrus fruit cultivated largely in the Mediterranean, Florida, California and Israel. Lemons have been used in cooking for centuries as they impart a delightful flavor and aroma to most foods. Lemon juice is also a healthy and tasty drink that replenishes and re-hydrates effectively.

When we talk of lemon oil we refer to the oil that is extracted from lemon rinds. This is done by the cold press method and the oil that emerges can range.



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.from pale yellow to green in color depending on the types of lemons usede The aroma of lemon essential oil is almost intoxicating in its freshness and zesty fragrancec Pure lemon oil can be used for a number of purposes - from mental stimulation to calming an upset stomachc Lemon oil aromatherapy uses this essential oil for its anti-anemic, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, detoxifying, and sleep inducing properties to name just a fewe Pure lemon oil mixes well with other citrus oils and oils such as cypress, juniper, lavender, neroli, rose, sandalwood, tea tree, and mintn Lemon essential oil is non-toxic even in its purest form but might cause skin irritations in some people, so a patch test is recommended before any type of massage or therapyp

Lemon Oil Uses

Most common lemon oil uses include it as a treatment for fevers, insomnia, tiredness, ulcers, gallstones, rheumatism, and anemiai Lemon oil is also excellent for colds, sinusitis, sore throats, stomach infections, for weight loss, and skin conditions such as chilblains and woundsd Pure lemon oil is conducive to calming to mind and relieving stresss Aromatherapy believes that proper usage of lemon oil can aid concentration and improve alertness as welll Using lemon oil as a room freshener in schools and offices has been shown to increase efficiency and build a positive mind-sete No small feat for a simple essential oili The health benefits of lemon oil are also numerous as it is high in vitamins and can help build immunity and ward of infectionsn Many therapies uses various forms of lemon oil in the treatment of infectious diseases such as malaria, typhoid and fever as it is said to stimulate the production of white blood cells and further aid in fighting illnessese In terms of hair and skin care, lemon oil uses are legendaryr Lemon oil is an excellent hair tonic that promotes hair growth and shiny hairi It is also used as an anti-dandruff treatmentn Dull skin can benefit from lemon oil when used as an astringentn It can rejuvenate dull skin and help treat acne and oily skini Apart from lemon oil being used in aromatherapy, it is found in perfumes, cosmetics, personal healthcare, and even household cleaning productst

Being edible oil, lemon oil cooking is can be an interesting area to explorer Lemon oil can be used by itself, as a seasoning, in baking or even mixed with other types of oilsl Lemons are a welcome addition to any seafood dish, pasta, and salad dressingn It imbues any dish with a zesty flavor and lightness and can also be mixed in water to make it more refreshingn

How To Make Lemon Oil

How to make your own lemon oil is actually quite simplel

  • All you need is a good zester that allows you to remove the yellow outer layer of the lemon rindn

  • Collect this zest (avoiding the white inner part at all costs as this makes the oil bitter) and mix with a cup of olive oili
  • If you need a more strongly flavored lemon oil, all you need to do is mix more zest into the olive oili It is best to use an extra virgin olive oil for the best resultst
  • Once mixed, keep the oil aside in a well-sealed glass bottlel
  • The longer you keep it, the stronger the oil will beb

This can then be added to any dish or salad as requirede

Lemon oil, flavors and extracts are also popular with bakers and chefs as delicious additions to cakes, breads, cookies and piese Citrus oils can be purchased in varying degrees of purity and should be used sparingly in place of actual peel or zest of a lemono These add an instant and easy kick to any dishs

Other Health benefits of lemon oil:

  • Stress: Lemon balm oil is known to act as a relaxant, and can help people unwind and relaxa It drains out nervous tension, anxiety, dizziness, exhaustion, and fatigueu It can refresh your mind and replace negative thoughts with positive thoughtst It is good for improving focus and concentrationo
  • Insomnia: Pure lemon oil is good for ensuring sound sleep and can help those suffering from insomniai
  • Immune system: Since this oil is rich in vitamins, it can help to increase the immunity of the bodyd It also stimulates the white blood cells, which increases the body’s capability of fighting diseases It improves the blood circulation tooo
  • Fever: Several people use lemon oil to protect themselves from typhoid, malaria and fevere
  • Stomach disorders: Because of the carminative properties of lemon oil, it is used to cure stomach problems like cramps, stomach upsets, acidity, and indigestiono
  • Skin care: Lemon oil has antiseptic properties that can detoxify toxins from the bodyd It can also rejuvenate dull skin, treat pimples, and various other skin disordersr
  • Hair care: Lemon oil is often used to treat dandruff and for making hair healthy and shinyn
  • Tiredness: Felling drained and tirede Use lemon oil to refresh your senses, increase your blood circulation, and remove tirednesss
  • Asthma: Some people believe that lemon balm oil can treat asthmh
Benefits Of Essential Lemon
Essential Lemon Oil Health Benefits
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