Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli essential oil is oil that is taken from the Citrus Aurantium or the bitter orange tree. The blossoms of this bitter orange tree are treated with steam distillation to produce this neroli essential oil.

This oil has many medicinal properties and is thus popular all over the world. This oil is among the finest of all essential oils and can be used on any skin type - sensitive, dry or mature skin types.


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Neroli Essential Oil Benefits

Neroli essential oil, as mentioned above can be used on many skin types and is thus an ingredient in many lotions, oils and so on. Neroli essential oil can be used to treat acne as it can help clear up the acne. All you need to do is to apply a few drops to a ball of cotton and rub it on the affected areas.

This essential oil is also beneficial in treating people who are depressed or undergoing some emotional turmoil. It has been known to help lift people's energy levels as well as bring about a change in their moods.

Neroli essential oil can also be used as a disinfectant. It can be used to treat kidney, prostrate infections as well as urinary tract or colon infections.

Neroli essential oil uses also include it being used as a deodorant in room fresheners or vaporizers. This oil not only helps to alleviate foul odors but as mentioned earlier, acts as a disinfectant too. The sweet floral scent of neroli essential oil makes it a great choice for aromatherapy. It can also be used in a diffuser. Neroli has also proved to be effective in improving the overall structure of the skin. Research carried out on this front has showed that Neroli helps to both keep wrinkles at bay as well as remove the ones that have already appeared. The oil is known for it use in skin cell regeneration. One can even apply a few drops of this oil to a non scented facial cream and then apply it to the face. Neroli essential oil is also beneficial in treating menstrual problems - both physical and emotional ones. Simply add 10 drops of this oil to the bath water or massage your body with a mixture of three or four drops of essence and apricot oil.

This will help alleviate the physical and emotional problems you are experiencing.

Orange Blossom Essential Oil

Orange blossom essential oil is another name for Neroli essential oil. It is one of the most expensive essential oils available on the market today. Orange blossom oil is also known as the Orange Flower Oil. Orange blossom oil is obtained either through steam distillation or through enfleurage. The orange blossom flower quickly loses it scent once it is removed from the tree. Therefore great care is taken while removing these flowers from the tree. The flowers are picked at sun rise, about twice or thrice a week and quickly distilled so as to preserve the scent. The Orange Blossom tree was found initially in the Far East but is now found to be growing in the Mediterranean. Countries which produce this essential oil include the USA, France, Morocco, and Egypt and so on.

Pure Orange Blossom Oil

Pure orange blossom oil is often mixed with other chemicals or ingredients which alter the therapeutic properties of this oil. Orange blossom oil is frequently used in perfumery work.

Neroli Essential Oil Recipes

Neroli essential oil recipes can easily be found online. Given below is an easy natural anti stretch mark recipe. Take one drop of Mandarin essential oil, one drop of Neroli essential oil and mix 10 ml base oil such as almond oil. Apply on the skin daily.

Neroli Essential Oil
Neroli Essential Oil
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