I have heard that Patanjali yoga can help me control high blood pressure, Help maintain normal blood sugar levels. Can I have the exercises for the above please?

(February 25, 2013)

Technique and benefits of Patanjali yoga

Patanjali yoga tends to focus on trying to unite the supreme and the individual self. In Patanjali yoga, the person is encouraged to control their mind by consciously trying to eliminate all the constant thoughts and modifications that an individual’s mind goes through. The basis of Patanjali yoga is that it believes that it is possible to control the mind with the right amount of training and discipline.

The core of Patanjali yoga is based on the eight limbed path which also forms the structural framework for practicing yoga. Each of the eight limbs is not higher or lower than the other or in a predetermined hierarchical order. The individual practicing Patanjali yoga may emphasize on one particular branch as every individual is unique and thereafter moves to another branch to gain all the benefits.

The eight limbs of Patanjali yoga are:

  1. Personal observances or Niyama
  2. Body postures or asanas
  3. Universal morality or yama
  4. Control over the senses or Pratyahara
  5. Breathign exercises or pranayama
  6. Meditation or dhyana
  7. Cultivation or inner perceptual awareness or dharana
  8. Union with the divine or samadhi

Practicing the eight limbed approach of Patanjali yoga will result in relief from various ailments such as high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, anxiety arthritis and headaches.



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