What Are The Asanas For Complextion And For Reducing Pimples. Can u send with illustration?

(November 7, 2011)

Yoga For Good Complexion

Acne appears on your face and skin as a result of dirt and grime blocking the pores of your skin. The buildup occurs when dirt from the atmosphere combines with oil secreted from the sebaceous glands on your skin. The best natural acne treatment is to move to a diet comprising more fruits and green vegetables and less refined foods and sugars and oil. Drink plenty of water (eight to ten glasses a day) and keep your skin hydrated at all times. One of the best natural acne treatments that you can follow is to clean your face with a soft boar brush. The soft bristles clean out all the pores and remove the dirt.

Yoga for the face is beneficial to improve your blood circulation in the face as well as to relax the facial muscles. Initially, keep your teeth in a clenched pose and stretch out your lips to the maximum extent. The cheeks and your chin and neck need to reach their maximum extendable limit. Stay in this pose for some time and then relax. Yoga for the face is good for removing the strain from your face.

Yoga asanas for complexion help you obtain a healthy glow as they increase blood circulation to your face. This supplies more nutrients to your face and removes the toxins from your facial muscles. Shirshasana (Head Stand) is extremely beneficial to increase blood circulation to the face. This rejuvenates your skin and adds to its complexion.

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Acnes Are Leaving Scar Marks Due To Which My Face Is Looking Horrible.Any Tips On How To Cure Acne Marks And Prevent Acne For A Healthy Complexion.

Acne marks stay on your skin as brown or red dots even after the pimples have gone. Over time, the acne marks fade, but sometimes, you need to lighten your skin to get rid of the acne marks on the face. Exfoliating your skin requires a constant routine wherein you remove the dead cells and other external waste from the surface of your skin. You need to be careful in the use of these agents on your face.

Acne scars removal, on the other hand, is an intense process. Yoga is also beneficial for acne scars removal from your face. Include a daily session of yoga exercise in your lifestyle. Bikram yoga or power yoga that are intense workouts resembling aerobics create a surge of blood supply to your face and neck. This hastens the toxin removal and provides your face with added nutrition. Try to do yoga poses in inverted style as they improve blood circulation to the upper part of your body and face. This lightens your skin tone and the acne scars begin to fade.

In addition to practicing yoga, a well-balanced diet with plenty of water (eight to ten glasses a day) is a requisite for your healthy complexion. All other external creams or lotions that you apply create a haze effect and may have severe side effects. Stretching the facial muscles gives them a good massage and improves your complexion. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with proteins and nuts will help to you obtain a healthy skin tone.

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