Strengthen Immune System

(August 8, 2008)

Will yoga help in building my immune system?

Yoga helps in boosting the immunity of the body considerably and provides strength and flexibility to the body. It increases the concentration and memory power of the individual.

There are various forms of yoga which have worked wonders in providing immunity to the people to fight against various forms of diseases including cancer. The eight forms of yoga when practiced thoroughly help to rejuvenate the body and provide relief from a wide variety of ailments.

It provides stamina and new zeal in the body. Iyengar yoga has shown great results in the treatment of breast cancer when practiced for about eight weeks. It helps in boosting the immunity and relieves one from the physical and mental tensions.

It activates the nuclear factor kappa B, which activates the cells of immunity in the human body. Yoga rejuvenates the body and helps to improve the quality of life of individuals. Yoga asanas like sudarshan kriya and pranayama helps in providing new zeal in the body and stops the generation of toxins and helps recovery from various ailments. Breathing exercises provides muscle relaxation; this reduces the anxiety and stress in the human body. It provides freedom from a wide variety of diseases like migraine, headache, insomnia and even arthritis. It increases the metabolism of the body in a controlled manner and helps the person to feel better. It also increases the immunity by removal of toxins and providing better and assured health to the individual.

It makes the body strong internally and provides proper toning to the body. Joints become stiff with age and also due to stagnant lifestyle. Yoga exercises provides flexibility to all body parts and the mobilization exercises help in making the body active so as to undertake variety of daily chores with great zeal and vitality.

Stira sukham asana helps in providing proper toning of the body. Matsyendrasana (spinal twist pose) helps in providing relief to the digestive system while Paschimottanasana (back stretching pose) helps in increasing the breathing ability of the body. Oxygen is essential to supply blood to various organs of the body. Increased supply of oxygen means better rate of metabolism. It helps to restore the lost energy in the body and provides the stamina for taking up wide variety of activities. It helps to provide stability mental and physical stability to the body. It helps in controlled functioning of the endocrine system and boosts self esteem.

Submitted by R J on August 8, 2008 at 01:33

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