Is a yoga teacher must?or i can do it from internet? my second question is,that i am asthmatic ,would yoga suit me in this age?

(May 24, 2012)

Learning yoga at home can be easy but it is important that you have some supervision if you have never done yoga before. Practicing yoga at home is fine and the internet can be used to learn. But the internet cannot provide you feedback or tell you if you are doing the pose or the asana the right way. Doing a pose or an asana wrong will not in any way help treat the condition you are targeting, besides it can cause irreparable damage or harm to your body and its structure. Therefore having an instructor in the initial classes is simply the best. If you try some of the more specialized yoga like power or hot yoga, these cannot be done without supervision and might cause you more harm than good if done alone. The internet can act as a resource to learn about the efficacy of yoga poses.

If you are asthmatic, you stand a good chance of getting over it completely. Yoga is known for helping with chronic diseases. Try poses like Paripoorna Navasana or the Full Boat Pose, Janu Sirasana or the Head and Knee Forward Bend, Halasana or the Plough Pose, Paschimottanasana or the Seated Bend Pose, Marichyasana or the pose dedicated to the marichi sage, Dandasana or the Staff Pose, Virasana or the Warrior Pose and Setu Bandha Sarvanasna or the Bridge Pose. Breathing exercises or pranayama is beneficial for asthma but should be started off slowly. All poses or asanas should also be started off slow as if not accustomed to, they could prove detrimental. It is also important that as an asthmatic, you should carry your medication or inhaler with you. You should also mention to your instructor that you are asthmatic so that in the case of an emergency others can take proper emergency care. You could also check with your doctor.

Submitted by G M on May 24, 2012 at 06:28

What is the best way to learn yoga at home?

Yoga is a simple way to exercise with very few props and equipment. This form can be practiced at home too. But if you have never done yoga and are to still learn it, then there are some things you need to be aware of.

For simple poses, you can observe them once and get a hang of it. These include poses like Sukhasana or the Easy Pose, Padmasana or the Lotus Pose, Shavasana or the Corpse Pose. These poses are simple and can be done without supervision. But as the poses in yoga get complicated and need some amount of flexibility, it becomes important that you have an instructor to guide you through the asanas or poses the first few times that you practice them. Yoga, if not done properly, can have terrible and long term after effects.

Supervision is essential for specialized yoga types like power yoga, hot yoga or Bikram yoga. These styles of yoga are developed to keep in mind modern lifestyles. These are designed as a workout and are extremely strenuous. These cannot be done at home as they are done in climate-controlled environs. Practicing yoga in groups also acts as a motivational factor.

Once you have learned some of the basic poses you can also buy DVDs for different types of yoga workouts. These DVDs show you the correct way of doing these asanas, along with the breathing techniques and repetitions needed. These DVDs are also available targeting specific problem areas or diseases.

Sometimes rounding up a group of like-minded people can also help. Gather your friends together and practice together. Doing yoga together makes it easier to get it right and easier to motivate yourself too. At the same time, you will not need to spend big bucks on classes.

Submitted by C D on May 24, 2012 at 06:26

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