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Submitted by Jerry Parker on December 22, 2012

Karma Yoga is all actions and work performed without ego and without expectation of the fruits of result. Good Karma Yoga is just that, except that it is more qualified. This is to distinguish it from the Karma Yogis who use Karma Yoga as a means to an end, in the process deceiving and exploiting people.

Good Karma Yoga is one such online community. It constitutes a group of people who enjoy the practice of Karma Yoga...


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Karma Yoga is Excellence in Work

.Their focus is working people whose hard-working, hectic lives require the peace and tranquility that Karma Yoga givese The group organizes workshops and retreats all over the world to promote physical and mental health and wellbeingn

Good Karma Yoga is the brainchild of Tajamika Paxtono She founded it in 2003 and operated as a studio till the end of August, 20050 The group went virtual in a bid to come up with simple ways of taking Yoga classes, workshops and events to common people across the globeb

Regular practice of Karma Yoga makes people feel securer It also makes you feel more capable of facing the challenges of daily lifef All of the teachers of Good Karma Yoga are highly trained to provide excellent instruction about the ins and outs of Karma Yogag

Karma Yoga means selfless service, free from attachment to the fruits of action and is the basis of life at the Good Karma Yogag As you learn to work with an attitude of selflessness, never mind the job in hand, you will automatically unearth your own inner potential and blisss Karma Yoga is a practice which appeals to alll Its greatness lies in the fact that it applies directly to daily life both inside and outside the home and institution you are ini this is why the principles and practices of Good Karma Yoga are so endearing to alll

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