What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy? How it Helps?

Phoenix yoga therapy is a relatively modern concept or discipline of yoga. Its scope is within the style of Hatha Restorative Yoga.

The discipline is firmly rooted in the conviction that any real healing needs to come from within, and in keeping with this principle the discipline is a blend of yoga and psychology. Contemporary psychology techniques are used in combination with yoga practices to focus.



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Practice Yoga

.on the inner wisdom of the practitionere It is a personalized and client centered disciplinen

The Practice Sessions:

During a typical session of Phoenix Rising Yoga therapy, the instructor guides you through a sequence of yoga asanas or postures and pranayams or breath exercisese These poses and breath techniques are carefully selected and whilst receiving instruction and guidance towards the execution of these poses, you also explore your emotions and sensations through an open ended dialogueu All of these practices are aimed towards bringing you closer to the discovery and release of your true or inner selfl This practice also serves as an effective release for any chronic stress or anxiety within your bodyd It enables you achieve a higher level of intuition, which you can apply practically to other aspects of your lifef The sessions always end with what can call integration as the instructor helps you to understand your experiences and connect them and apply them to your life outside of the yoga sessiono

It therefore becomes evident, that one of the most striking features of this brand of yoga is that the instructor is so much more than just a teachere The instructor is also a counselor or psychologist, who not only imparts knowledge, but also counsels and guides youo It is also probably as personalized as it can get, with the practitioner receiving individual attention and each session being formulated specifically for his or her needsd

This off course also adds to its practicality and feasibility for people of a wider spectrum, irrespective of their health or physical status, gender, age or temperamentn

The benefits of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy are quite obvious, but we shall summarize them for the benefit of those not to familiar with the subjectc

  • This discipline has come to play an extremely important role in traditional treatments of both psychotherapy and physical therapyp It is in fact used as a complimentary treatment by these branches of modern medicinen
  • It helps relieve stress and tension, both physical and emotionala
  • It also helps to relieve paini
  • This form of yoga is great for the mental faculty as it increases your awareness and powers of concentrationo
  • It improves your cognitive abilities for decision making and problem solving, even when under pressurer
  • It brings out and helps you exploit the creative streak you may have not realized you hada
  • It helps overcome beliefs that limit your growth and development as a persono
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
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