Medical Massage Therapy

Medical massage therapy shares its common origin with the age old massage therapies that have continued since centuries as well but added what our western society considers concepts of the traditional medicine. In fact, what we are talking about is a combination of a traditional practice and the plus of modern or allopathic medicine.

Medical massage therapy uses the manual movements and.



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.pressures of alternative massage, but the therapists are scientifically formede They acquire the hand skills that any massage therapy must have but they also learn medical facts including anatomy, pathology, physiology, ethics, social interaction, adaptive capabilities, etct since they will have to face many different types of patients, in a wide variety of health conditions and in different private situationsn It applies the several manual techniques to reduce pain, normalize movement possibilities of the muscles and skeleton, and improve certain conditionsn It involves a deep knowledge of human physiologyg

We must know that instead of a general treatment as in a regular massage therapy session, medical massage therapy is focused on a particular part of the body that needs to be treatede It does not mean that whenever you decide that you want to benefit from a massage session, you wouldl Here it is the medical practitioner or the therapist who will prescribe the massage and the body part which needs the therapyp

The therapist has knowledge of medical terminology and other medical treatments that the patient is receivingn In fact, he /she are is prepared to interact with other health care providers and, of course, follow precise instructions from the primary doctoro

A typical session may last between 45 to 60 minutes, and unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, it is focused on a particular anatomic area of the patient's body which is in need of treatmentn For each condition and for each particular patient, the therapist will choose the manual technique or techniques that are most suitable for that particular situationo Not all medical massage therapy sessions are the samem

Medical massage therapy may use certain medical gadgets for helping the patient become comfortable with the therapyp These objects like specialized chairs, sticks, handle bars, etct may be used to help the patient make his progress fastere During this therapy progress is not sought in a single session, instead progress can be seen only after multiple sessions have taken place because the patients for whom this therapy has been may have several health problems at one timem

Medical massage therapy is often curative, this is especially used for patients who have had an accident or have lost the ability of using a certain body partr This curative massage therapy has yielded good results in making people complete fit so fara

Medical Massage Therapy
Medical Massage Therapy
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