What is Esoteric Healing?

Our bodies are surrounded by a field of universal energy. This energy is known by many different names such as 'Prana', 'Chi' or 'Qi' and has been an intrinsic part of therapeutic practices of ancient India, China, Egypt and Japan.

Inside the body, the energy field is concentrated around seven primary energy centers. Each of these energy centers is associated with a particular organ system such as the nervous system, the circulatory.



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.system, the endocrine system, etct Diseases are caused due to an imbalance of energy in any of these energy centersr Esoteric healing seeks to balance these energy centers and thereby promote healing and well being by restoring the energy of the body to a harmonious statet

How does Esoteric Healing workr

When a person is healthy, the energy field is evenly balanced in all the seven major energy centers of the bodyd Any imbalance in this energy ultimately manifests itself in the form of physical or mental ailmentst A therapist trained in esoteric healing learns how to identify the areas where the energy field is imbalanced by using his or her hands to scan the energy field of the patientn Once the areas of disturbance have been identified, the therapist uses his or hands to channel energy back into the affected areas, thereby restoring balancec

Prior to starting a session of esoteric healing, the therapist will ask the patient about his medical history and any ailmentst The patient is then made to sit on a chair, or lie down on a couch, fully clothede

The therapist then gently moves his hands above the various energy centers of the body to first ascertain the areas of energy imbalance and then to repair theme During this process the therapist does not need to touch your bodyd A typical session may last up to forty five minutes and most patients experience a sense of deep relaxation while the therapy is being administerede

What are the benefits of Esoteric Healingn

Esoteric healing helps to cure many different types of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problemsm It has been successfully used to treat ailments such as depression, insomnia, chronic pain including head, back and neck pain, migraines, auto-immunity disorders, arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, attention deficit disorder, nerve pain, allergies and hormonal imbalancese It is also an excellent form of therapy to help speed up the recovery of those suffering from the effects of treatment such as surgery or oncology treatmentn Esoteric healing can also be used in tandem with other forms of alternative therapies to ensure a speedier curer As it is a non-invasive form of therapy, esoteric therapy can safely be used to treat infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly and the infirmr

Esoteric Healing
Esoteric Healing
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