Massage Therapy for Relaxation

Relaxation massage makes use of massage manipulations to achieve an overall body state of relaxation. With a regular massage therapy you will most likely reach a good level of relaxation, but in relaxation massage the primary goal is precisely that, a complete relaxation of the entire body.

Leading you to relax is the goal here; therefore it is a much more complete type of massage for those seeking relaxation rather than health benefits. Though relaxation massage.



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.varies from therapist to therapist, most likely you will be introduced to other complementary kind of therapies included in the massageg All these therapies are directed at providing you complete relaxationo Colour therapy might be used in the form of soft lights, candles, wallpapers, postersr Music or natural sounds might be also there to help your mind relax and enjoyo Aromatherapy can be also used in the form of incense or scented oilsl

Relaxation massage is indeed a very passive form of therapyp You lie down on the massage table and the therapist will do everything to help you calm down and relaxa The idea is to relax both mind and body as they are interconnected and a relaxed mind will make it easier to relax your tense muscles, and relaxed muscles will contribute to a faster relaxation of your mind where your thoughts can lead you nowhere or to pleasant thoughts and feelingsg

Relaxation massage session is longer than regular massage and you will be subjected to different manual strokes, long strokes, skin rolling, muscle rolling, rhythmic tapping, circular movements, long soft strokes, finger pressure, and many more that the therapist may be fond of using depending on his/her own style and backgroundn

For obtaining a proper relaxation massage and to avoid any kind of consequences you must remember to:

  • Drink plenty of water before the session
  • Avoid eating too much, this could make you feel uncomfortable during the sessiono
  • Always tell your therapist in advance if you are or might be pregnant, this way the therapist will adjust the technique used; it will not affect you or your baby in a negative waya
  • Tell your therapist if you had recently had some kind of injury or surgeryr The professional will take special care of the way those affected areas are treated, even if there is no open scar, inside possible damage must be avoidede
  • Tell the therapist if you suffer from any kind of allergiese Bear in mind that lotions, oils or gels are probably going to be applied on your skin and we do not want any side reactiono

Always bear in mind that relaxation massage is intended to give you a pleasant experience and overall health benefitst

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