Full Body Massage

Submitted by shopie on January 22, 2013
What is a full body massage? A full body massage as the name implies, is a massage therapy that involves massaging the whole body from head to toe. It involves stroking, pressing and kneading different areas of the body and helps to relieve pain while simultaneously stimulating and toning the whole body. Adherents claim that it helps to relax the body and relieve stress, leaving one feeling mentally and physically relaxed.


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Benefits Of A Full Body Massage

The massage therapy works by stimulating the skin and the muscles beneath the surface, helping to promote blood circulation and rid the muscles of accumulated toxins. Therapists claim that the deepest layers of the muscles also benefit as well as the organs beneath them. Experts say that a full body massage also helps to stimulate and strengthen the lymphatic system.

While all the parts of the body benefit by from this massage, it is the back, shoulders and neck on which the maximum effort is spent. This is because these muscles tend to be the ones most affected by the stresses of everyday living. Bad posture, stress and unhealthy lifestyles all leave their mark on these muscles, resulting in knotted shoulder and neck muscles and back and shoulder pain.


There are many different types of full body massage techniques. They include:

  • Swedish massage - The most popular form of full body massage, it involves the use of smooth strokes and a kneading motion to the whole body. Massage oil is used to ease the motion of the hands over the client's body.
  • Aromatherapy massage – This technique involves the use of essential oils that have been blended with the carrier oil. The various essential oils offer differing benefits and can aid in relaxing the client and in removing fatigue.
  • Shiatsu massage – This massage technique uses acupressure techniques to massage the pressure points on the meridians along which energy or "qi" flows within the body. It is a technique that takes a long time to master and should only be administered by a qualified therapist.
  • What to Expect From the Therapist

    If you are getting your first massage then you may naturally feel some apprehension over what to expect. Knowing what to expect can in turn ease that apprehension. You may ask your therapist to explain the complete procedure beforehand. Inform your therapist before the massage about any physical conditions you may be suffering from.

    You should undress only to the extent that you are comfortable with and lie down on the table. The therapist will commence the massage after ensuring that you are comfortable. The massage oil will be heated and a drop applied to your hand to test for any allergies. You should inform your therapist about any discomfort or pain you feel immediately. Keep all conversation impersonal. A typical full body massage lasts for about 1 hour. Be sure to drink plenty of water after the massage as it can leave you dehydrated.

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