Relaxation Massage At Day Spas - Do's & Don’ts

Most people consider a massage to be a treat at the day spa. Some of them use massages to treat health conditions. It is a well-known fact that most massages help relax you, among other things.

However, with relaxation massage, relaxation is the only focus. Therefore, this massage is one of the most indulgent and thorough massages that you can have. A relaxation massage may include a full-body treatment, using soft music, appropriate lighting and aromatherapy oils.


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In involves going through a long and luxurious massage, using relaxation techniques like long strokes, mild kneading, rolling the skin and muscles and sometimes rhythmic rocking from side-to-side.

Unlike Thai messages, in a relaxation massage, you just lie there. As the name suggests, a relaxation massage relieves the stress and tension levels, leaving you with a feeling of wellbeing. This feeling is caused by the benefits of the massage, which improves your blood circulation, so that your organs get more oxygen. A relaxation massage also helps to improve digestion.

A relaxation massage is based on Swedish massaging techniques. In fact, the Swedish massage is the core of most other types of western massages like aromatherapy massage, sports massage, and deep tissue massage. Most spas play music that is soothing and calming, to maximize the effect of relaxation massage therapy. It is different from therapeutic massages, which may relax a person, but are mainly aimed at helping pain and chronic health issues.

Generally, under a Swedish massage or a relaxation massage, you are asked to wrap yourself only in towels, while the therapists only uncover that part of the body that they are working on. The technique is called 'draping'. (Some first timers prefer leaving their underwear on.) The massage strokes range from light to firm, depending on your preference. It does include deeper work on areas of high muscle tension. If you prefer firmer pressure during your massages, it is best to go in for a Deep Tissue Massage.

Avoid consuming large meals or alcohol, before your go for a relaxation massage. Try to flush out the toxins in the body, by drinking a lot of water. Always inform the therapist if:

  • You are receiving any treatment or medication or have any medical conditions
  • You are pregnan
  • You have recently had an operation or surgery
  • You are allergic to anything
  • You have broken skin or sores
  • You have recently had an injury.
Relaxation Massage At Day Spas
Relaxation Massage At Day Spas
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