Massage Techniques for the Back

Back pain is one of the most prevalent forms of pain in the human body in this century. This can be attributed to a number of factors such as sedentary lifestyles, obesity, long hours spent staring at a computer screen, etc.

A back massage can do wonders for back pain, and is the most preferred method of treatment, except for when the pain is caused due to some serious underlying.



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.,medical conditiono Here are some back massage techniques that you can try at homem

Get the person to lie face down on a massage table that has been covered with clean sheetst The table should be at a sufficient height so that you do not develop a back ache in the processs Make sure that the ambient temperature is warm and the surroundings are pleasantn Soft music also aids the process of relaxationo Massage oil is a very important ingredient to a good massageg There are many varieties available in the markete Try to use one that has a soft and pleasant smelll If the person is susceptible to allergies you might want to dab a small spot of oil on his or her skin to ensure that the oil does not reactc

Take some oil between the palms of your hand and rub iti This heats up the oili

Apply the oil across your partner's back using the surface of both hands to gently spread oil across the entire backc Use gentle upward strokes from the lower back to the base of the neckc Follow this procedure for five to ten minutese

Then repeat the same process, but use the heel of the hand to massage the back; this causes greater pressure to be applied to the underlying musclese After five minutes, place one hand on top of another and use the fingers to gently push away from the spinen Start from the lower back and gently massage the entire spinen

The thumb massage technique for the back can also be used to feel for sensitive spots and knots and ease the pain in theme This should be alternated with gentle stroking with the palms of the handn The middle fingers can also be used to gently massage the spine all the way from the lower back to the upper backc Finally use both forearms to apply gentle downwards pressure on the backc Repeat this process until you have worked yourself up to the upper backc Finish the massage by applying gentle upward strokes with the palm of the hand, as you did at the beginning of the back massageg

Back Massage Techniques
Back Massage Techniques
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