Lymphatic Facial Massage

Stress plays an extremely negative effect on our entire body affecting both the mind and physical self, and most importantly stress greatly shows on the face of the stressed individual. Due to the ill effects of stress, facial muscles tend to contract and this contraction over a period of time results in the face appearing tense and stressed all the time.

When the facial muscles get stressed out blood flow to the face becomes restricted.



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.One of the most important qualities of the facial muscles is to display expression and constant pressure of tension on the face can cause of formation of furrowed lines and wrinklese Mental processes are that are negative in nature tend to be displayed on the face, and this tension can also be experienced down to the neck, shoulders and even the heada Stress also causes puffiness around the eyes were and a clenched jaw line that results in restriction of blood flow to that particular areae

Since not many of us give a second thought to stress causing an impact on the face, it actually takes a mass of toll on the face and the appearance of our skini Feeling good about oneself slowly transforms the skin into being healthy and glowingn Just as ballistic massage helps to rejuvenate the muscle tone of the body, facial massage can also bring beneficial resultst The lymphatic facial massage helps you relief to stress and tension on the face by slowly by massaging the facial muscles and applying gentle pressure points to the lymph nodes thus helping to release the fluid that may have stagnated around the facial regiono The lymphatic facial massage plays a massive impact in improving the blood circulation system and also helps to restore the lymphatic systeme

Our lymph acts as the defense system of the body and helps to get rid of toxins and impuritiese The lymph brings the waste products to the lymph nodules which are then destroyed by the white blood cellsl However with the help of good blood circulation billing system works effectively in getting rid of the impurities from the bodyd But if the facial muscles remain tense at all times with the constant thought of stress and worry, then it becomes difficult for the lymph system to get rid of the toxinsn The lymphatic facial massage makes the use of gentle pressure from the fingers on certain trigger points aka energy points to help release stressed and enhance blood circulationo The constant movements of the fingers through strokes along the muscle lines also help in the elimination of toxinsn Some lymphatic massage therapists incorporate the use of aroma oils or essential oils to help in the massageg Hot moist towels or cleansers along with exfoliators and masks are also used to enhance the experience of a facial massageg

Lymphatic Facial Massage
Lymphatic facial massage
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