Benefits of Acrosage Or Inversion Message Therapy

The term ‘Acrosage’ or ‘Acrossage’ is a combination of two arts which are acrobatics and massage. The acrosage practitioner holds the massage patient in an acrobatic stance (usually upside down) and massages the entire body.

Acrosage is also known as Inversion Therapy. It is believed that when a person is in an acrobatic position, the healing pressure points of the body are activated which makes the massage completely effective.


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The massage patient is suspended upside down and the massage is conducted. Being suspended upside down has various benefits. This type of massage was invented by a circus acrobat more than 20 years ago. He realized the uniqueness and the effectiveness of this massage and made it his trademark therapy. In this case, it is very important to trust the massage practitioner and allow him to heal you in his unique way. Acrosage has gained a lot of attention in the past few years.

Inversion Therapy Benefits

Acrosage has plenty of benefits and many people from all over the world are known to have benefitted from this therapy. Some of the benefits of acrosage are listed below:-

  • Blood Circulation – Being suspended upside down is known to improve the blood circulation of the body. Since the massage practitioner is an expert, he will perform various massage techniques on you which will make you feel better.
  • Spirituality – While being suspended upside down, the patient will feel like he is flying which will make him realize his freedom. This is known to be a very effective way of attaining spirituality.

  • Immunity – Regular acrosage is known to develop and improve the immunity of the patient.
  • Better Skin – Since the blood and oxygen flow is enhanced in the body, it helps the patient achieve better skin and complexion.
  • Sharper Mind – The increase in supply of oxygen to the brain helps the patient achieve a sharp and alert mind. The patient is also known to attain better memory.
  • Flexibility – Inversion therapy helps in improving the flexibility of the body.
  • Posture – The upside down suspension is known to improve the posture of the body.

These are some of the known benefits which have been claimed by the inventor.

In order to receive acrosage, contact its practitioner in your city and fix an appointment. You will realize the benefits of acrosage in the first massage itself. This type of massage therapy has many risks involved and should be done with utmost care. The person performing the inversion therapy on you should be certified and experienced.

Acrosage - Inversion Therapy
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