Massage Table

Who doesn’t like a good massage? Most of us opt for a massage if we feel tired or need to a specific problem such as a back pain, sprain or injury treated.

Sometimes, massages are also good for de-stressing and relaxing at physical as well as emotional levels.


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In order to meet these expectations of people, it is important for massage therapists to invest in good massage tables and chairs. A bad table or chair or placing the client in a position that is not suited to the massage can have more adverse effects than benefits.

Massage tables come in varied sizes and heights. Most massage tables can also be easily cleaned.

They have a heavily padded surface and horseshoe shaped head support that allows the client to place his/her head comfortably, making breathing easy. The firm surface gives the client better positioning and allows the therapist to work without having to strain. Portable and adjustable massage tables are beneficial as they can be customized to a client’s needs and specifications.  Massage tables also offer greater scope for the therapist to work on the client, as they are designed to allow the therapist to access all parts of the body equally. Massage tables are also beneficial for guided stretching.

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