Different Massages, Different Tables

A massage table is the most vital piece of equipment in any form of massage. The most important requisite of a massage table is the comfort of the client during the massage therapy.

The type of massage table depends upon the type of therapy involved and the kind of service provided.


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The most popular massage tables are the one’s that are strong, durable, and cost efficient. However, in case of travelling or freelance massage therapists, a light weight table becomes the most important aspect. Client comfort and convenience is also the fundamental factor in the design of any massage table.

Types of Massages

The type of massage table depends greatly on the classification of the massage type and the specific techniques involved in the therapy. Some of the most popular types of massage practiced include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Hot stone therapy
  • Reiki
  • Swedish massage

All these massage practices are unique and distinct. The table used during these massage therapies require specific features and guidelines.

Best Massage Tables for Different Massage Techniques


Acupuncture involves manipulation of needles on the specific acupuncture points or pressure points on the body. A massage table that provides the most comfort is the best choice for acupuncture therapy. A massage table at least 30 inches wide with 3 to 4 inches of padding is highly recommended. A table that has features such as push-to-lock and a shiatsu cable release may also be a suitable option for this kind of therapy as the table can be placed on the ground to allow the client to sit with crossed legs. 

Deep tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage requires extra firmness in the massage table for penetration into deep layers. A thick (at least two inches) foam massage table may be an ideal one, as extra thickness may mean more exertion during the massage.

Hot Stone Massage

The technique used for a hot stone massage influences the choice of the massage table for the therapy. A heated table top may be best suited for the stone massage. The heated table top combined with the hot stones can provide added relaxation and comfort to the client. If a hot stone massage therapist uses large stones for the massage, again, a firm table with a minimum two inches of foam may be the good choice.

If comfort is the most essential part of the therapy, three-inch cell foam may be an ideal option.


The most important part of the reiki therapy is relaxation. The size, material and capacity of the table are the key features in a reiki table. The length, the width, the height and the padding of the table may vary in each reiki table; however, the choice of the table primarily depends upon the position and comfort of the back while lying down. The type of material (metal or wood) is also an important consideration in the choice of a reiki table since the therapy involves passage of energy. Wood has mild vibrations and absorbs energy while metal transmits energy. The headrest and armrests may be the additional features in some reiki tables. An adjustable reiki table can also be a suitable solution.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage involves strokes such as kneading, friction, gliding, sliding, stretching and tapping. The frequent movements and manipulations during the massage require a steady stationary table. A stationary table with at least 30 inch-width is a good option.


A massage table is as important a tool as the hands during a massage session. The selection of a correct table for a particular type of massage is of huge importance. A well-designed massage table provides the physical as well as mental comfort to the recipient and it also contributes an ergonomically designed workstation for the massage therapist.

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