Best Massage Tools

When in pain, many people may often wish that they had a hammer handy, which could be used on those hurting shoulders and aching backs. However, there are better and more practical options out there in the form of massage tools.

Whether you are looking for pain relief or just wish to rejuvenate the body, massage tools are a must-have and go a long way in elevating the massage sessions.


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A massage table or chair is an obvious tool that is needed in a massage, and most people are aware of this, but there are many other massage tools that can be used too. These tools can be used for applying deep pressure and to free the hands from the tedious task, plus these massage tools are ideal for “do-it-yourself” massages.

While no massage tool is picture-perfect, there are many good ones which can definitely be used, depending on the need.

Massage Table

There is a wide variety of massage tables like, stationary massage tables, electric lift massage tables, portable massage tables, to name just a few. Most are made for professional use, but there are some for the home user too. Others are especially custom-made for specific types of massages, like deep tissue, athletic or shiatsu massages.

A regular commercial massage table has a thickly padded top, which can be cleaned effortlessly, and a horseshoe-shaped head support that lets the client breathe without any difficulty while lying face down.

Portable Massage Tables are perfect for traveling and storing. They are easy to open and set up and most of them will hold from 500-800 lbs.

All the tables allow height and head position adjustment, so as to provide unsurpassed experience to the client as well as the masseur.


This humble device is intended for applying constant deep pressure to the target muscles. Knobbers are good tools for professional or home use.

An internet search for massage knobbers will throw up a sea of colorful knobber varieties, as well as hundreds and hundreds of vendors selling them.

Knobbers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and they can be made of any material - wood, metal, plastic and even glass.


The Bonger, which is a classic massage tool in Japan,is a fun rhythmic massage tool and is used to administer an enjoyable and stimulating stroke.

The Bonger is a thin piece of shaft and is elastic in nature. The shaft is about five to six inches long and an inch wide. One end of the stick holds a rubber ball and the other end is inserted into a cylindrical wooden handle.

The body muscles are constantly and steadily tapped in a rhythmic motion with the ball end of device. This can become a tedious exercise if done with bare hands, but with Bongers, it can become easy and flowing.


Bongers are most effective on the neck and shoulder region, but can be used all over the body too. Apparently adipose tissue (cellulite) can also be broken up using Bongers.

Massage stones

Any spa is incomplete without a stone massage. A stone massage is a specialty massage and it is wise to get a stone massage only from a well-trained professional.

Massage stones are smooth and flat stones used by the masseur or massage therapist. These stones are usually made of basalt rock and are available in different sizes and weights.

Though most stone massages use heated stones, there are certain techniques which include chilled stones into the routine. The chilled stones are typically made of marble. The stones are put into ice cold water before use. An experienced Stone Massage therapist knows when it is conducive to use hot stones and when to use cold stones.

The heat passed down into the body during a hot stone massage can be extremely soothing and is said to help warm up tight muscles.

Hot Stone massage is not for people who suffer from certain ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease. Even pregnant women, people on blood thinning medication and people with sunburns are advised to not go in for a hot stone massage.


A new generation device, vibrators are designed to energize the nerves and create a pleasant and relaxed feeling in the body. They come in a number of shapes and sizes. The output levels and power source also differs from vibrator to vibrator. However, they are all based on the same mechanism. An electric motor is used to rotate the weight inside the machine. This movement creates a vibrating sensation. The vibrator is provided with varying speed levels, so that the user can adjust the vibrations as per his or her comfort.

Best Massage Tools
Best Massage Tools
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