Oriental Massage Tools

Oriental massages (also known as Asian massages), which include techniques like Acupressure, Tui Na and Shiatsu, employ a number of tools during the process. These tools stimulate the energetic flow inside the body.

These tools are easily available on the internet at affordable prices.


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In this article we will look at some of the more widely used tools in oriental massages.


Cupping is one of the earliest techniques used in Oriental massages. The Chinese use the cupping technique to minimize pain and to cure conditions affecting the respiratory system. These include illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, and chest congestion.   

Centuries ago hollow cups made of animal horns were used, but today plastic or thick glass is used to make these cups. Pottery cups and cups made of iron and bamboo are used in some countries, but glass cups are more popular. Neither do they break as easily as pottery cups, nor do they decay like bamboo cups. Moreover, since glass cups are transparent, the masseur can see the body part and also assess the effect that the treatment is having on the body or the skin.

In the process of cupping there is a possibility where the body may get bruised. This is because this technique involves creating a vacuum in the part where the glass is placed (mostly on the back), and drawing up the skin into the cup. Apparently, the bruises are an indication that bad energy has been eliminated from the body and the area is beginning to heal.

Reflexology Rollers

The idea behind Reflexology is to apply pressure and stimulate and energize the feet and hands, the benefits of which are extended to other parts of the body too. Mostly reflexology tools are used on the feet, rather than the hands. The foot has many pressure points and nerve endings which are connected to other parts of the body.

Reflexology Rollers for the foot generally come in two styles, first being the single roller.

These rollers are cylindrical, typically made of wood, the surface is bumpy and the edges are rounded off, thus allowing a person to easily manage and manipulate the roller on the floor or anywhere else.    

The other type contains multiple rollers in one frame. They look almost like the Abacus, which is used for counting. Multiple single rollers are fixed into one frame, providing the person more comfort.

Both these types of rollers are very easy to use and easy to maintain. 

The bumps on the rollers provide pressure to all the reflex points, thereby stimulating it.  The rollers are used to massage tired and painful feet, reduce stress in the body and revitalize it by increasing blood circulation.


A stone massage is different from all the other massages, in the sense that, it is best suited to be performed in a spa environment by a masseur trained especially for this purpose. Though there are people who get a stone massage at home with the help of a friend, it is best avoided. The stones used in this technique are flat and smooth, varying in size and weight. They are mostly made of basalt, but sometimes marble too. The stones are immersed in hot water and then applied to the body (usually on the back). The muscles in the body are stimulated when the heat from the stone penetrates the body. At times, depending on many factors, cold stone massages are also performed.  

Shiatsu Point Tools

Shiatsu point tools assist the massage therapist during a shiatsu massage. These tools have round edges which are used to press into the pressure points in the body.

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Oriental Massage Tools
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