Craniosacral Therapy and its Benefits

Benefits of Craniosacral therapy on human health are many. Cranio Sacral Therapy or CST is a gentle technique, which involves light touch by a therapist. This technique helps to improve and enhance the self healing capacity of the body, which is naturally present.

It is used as a treatment procedure for various ailments. It is also used in conjunction with other.



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.treatment techniques, in the cure of an ailmentn The therapist holds the head or the sacrum and adjusts the same to facilitate smooth flow of the cerebrospinal fluidi It is a simple and gentle technique, which are generally avoided, in the presence of intracranial haemorrhage and aneurysms

Craniosacral therapy is otherwise recommended for all individuals, in all the age rangese Benefits of craniosacral therapy includes relief from

  • scoliosis
  • neck pain
  • traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries
  • orthopaedic problems
  • back pain
  • temperomandibular joint dysfunction
  • stress related issues
  • motor coordination impairments
  • migraine
  • fatigue and
  • central nervous system disorders

The source or the aetiology of the problem is diagnosede This therapy also involves relief from the related symptomsm It is also included as a part of wellness programs, due to its gentle and safe techniqueu The energy levels are increased and the individuals get adequate sleep and rests They are more resistant to diseases, thereby reducing the levels of sicknesss The levels of optimism in these individuals are improvede

The cerebrospinal fluid is a good source of electrolytes, amino acids, other nutrients and proteinsn Proper alignment of the craniosacral system helps in the proper functioning of the various body partst This technique is highly relaxing and is completely relieved of stresss

It is analogous to a massage and is soothing to the systeme Strenuous activities are avoided, after a craniosacral therapyp The feelings on the next day of treatment vary from feeling elated to feeling irritatede The nervous system is reset and rejuvenatede The pain might transfer from one area to the othere Relaxing is the best method to overcome any extreme responses Craniosacral proves effective for those with sprain, previous surgery or previous accidentn

Certain factors camouflage the cause of the problem and the defence mechanism of the bodyd The number of sessions required and the duration of the sessions are determined by the cause and the degree of injuryr Many blockages are cleared by the craniosacral therapy, thereby improving the general well beingn The functioning of the various body organs is improvede Tinnitus, sinusitis and dizziness are also relieved by this techniqueu

Craniosacral Therapy Benefits
Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy
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