Balneotherapy Benefits

Balneotherapy is a kind of spa therapy which involves a bath in mineral water or thermal water. The temperature of the bathing water is about 34 degree Celsius. The benefits of balneo therapy involve stress removal, relaxation, pain relief from joints and so on.

The above said benefits are brought about by the hydrostatic force of water. This procedure is recommended for.



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.individuals with rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasisi Balneology is the study related to the bathing artr Usage of Balneology in the cure of diseases is Balneotherapyp This therapy accelerates activity of the cells, triggers circulation and dilates tissues, thereby initiates the inherent self healing capacityt

Balneotherapy benefits include annihilation of germs and other microbes, due to increased water temperaturer It enhances the circulation, thereby increasing the oxygen supply to the heart and other organsn The increase in circulation also dilutes the toxins and eliminates theme This is due to the hydrostatic pressure on the bodyd Increase in oxygen and nutrient supplies rejuvenates the bodyd The temperature of the water aids in speeding up the metabolic processese This triggers the secretion of enzymes, and thus helps in digestiono

Thermal water renders a number of benefits, such as improved immunity levels, regularize autonomic nervous system, and stabilize endocrine glandsd

It also provides relaxation at the physical, physiological and psychological levelsl It also stabilises the endocrine function and aids in the overall health of the individuala These benefits occur after three to four weeks of treatmentn Increased levels of negative ions in the hot springs bring about general well beingn Sulfur and other minerals in the thermal water help in certain skin diseases, such as dermatitis, fungal infection and psoriasisi It also proves beneficial against all kinds of skin injuries and heals wounds in a rapid ratet

Balneotherapy or the treatment by healing springs is effective in the cure of health conditions, such as chronic gastrointestinal diseases, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, chronic rheumatic diseases, chronic skin diseases, metabolic diseases, particularly diabetes, gout, obesity, chronic gynaecological diseases, chronic mild respiratory diseases, functional recovery of central and peripheral neuroparalysis, vibration disorder related to the balance in the middle ear, conditions associated with trauma, psychosomatic and stress-related diseases, circulatory ailments, particularly moderate or mild hypertension and peripheral circulatory ailments that affects the hands and feete

Avoid spa therapy in case of any diseases or metabolic conditionsn Be careful with a hot spring, especially when alonen In case of prior intake of alcohol, balneotherapy is not recommendede Opt for a private pool, if the individual is sensitive or has certain diseasese

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