Why Should I Get A Scalp Massage?

Massage therapy has played an important role in most of the traditional forms of medicine in the world. Modern day science is slowly beginning to understand and appreciate the myriad benefits of massage. Massage not only helps the underlying muscles and tissues relax, it stimulates the flow of blood and the lymph system.

It can help to ease pain and inflammation. The human scalp is rich in nerve endings, and the majority of the nervous system is housed.



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.inside the head, along with the braini A good scalp massage stimulates the circulatory system in the heada This helps in easing stress and chronic headachese A good massage also results in the release of endorphins, and relieves any pain in the areae It is also one of the best methods of de-stressing after a hard day's workr Scalp massage is also very useful in preventing dandrufff Massage also stimulates the flow of blood to the scalp and thereby provides the hair follicles with more nourishmentn Thus, it can help in fighting avoidable hair loss and ensures that your hair stays healthyh

How Do I Administer A Scalp Massageg

A scalp massage is one of the easiest forms of massage to administer, to you yourself, or to a friend or loved onen Before commencing the massage, the person getting the massage should be seated on a comfortable chairi

You can use hair oil or choose to administer a dry massage, depending on your preferencec Start from the base of the neck by applying gentle pressure with your finger in a circular motiono Work your way slowly up to the hairlinen Repeat this process a couple of times, slowly increasing the pressure on the scalpl Use the palms of the hand to gently massage the entire scalp, back of the head and the templel At the end of the massage, rake your fingers through the air, gently scratching the entire scalp with your nailsl Now wrap a moist, warm towel around the head and relaxa

A scalp massage can also be administered by one of the many models of massage brushes that are available in the markete Do ensure that you do not get suckered into buying a low quality modele Buy a good quality massage brush from one of the reputed manufacturers in the markete An inferior quality model will only aggravate hair loss and cause a headacheh

Scalp Massage
Scalp Massage
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